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10+ fun Christmas crafts for tweens to make

Fun Christmas crafts for tweens to make - 10+ fun and cool ideas for Christmas decor and DIY gifts

Looking for the best Christmas crafts for tweens? I mean, yes, of course you are …your kids will be home for two weeks of winter break and iPads only go so far. These cool Christmas-themed craft ideas are great projects for tweens to make to prepare for Christmas or over the long winter break, and some of my ideas can even double as DIY gift ideas that kids can make.

Fun and cool Christmas craft ideas for tweens 10-12 years old

I’m sharing fun and cool Christmas crafts for tweens 10 years old to 12 years old to make on their own as well as a couple craft ideas that they can make with minimal adult supervision. There’s a wide range of craft ideas here, from paper to clay to embroidery to baking. And yep, baking counts as crafting especially when tweens get to turn fondant into a super cute ice skate cake topper!

Keep reading for my easy Christmas craft ideas for tweens including free printable templates and step-by-step instructions.

DIY crafts tutorial

Gingerbread Friends Wearing Ugly Christmas Sweaters – free printable template

Paper DIY gingerbread garland with funny ugly Christmas sweaters

Tweens like being funny, and these gingerbread friends with ugly sweaters fit the bill. Download my free printable template, then have tweens cut out the pieces and decorate ugly sweaters with cut paper or bright markers. String gingerbread pals together to make DIY Christmas garland, frame to make Christmas art, or display on your fridge.

How to make DIY gingerbread men wearing ugly Christmas sweaters


Handmade Chocolate and Peppermint Stir Sticks – edible Christmas crafts for tweens that makes great DIY gifts

Handmade chocolate and peppermint stir sticks going into mug of cocoa

These chocolate and peppermint stir sticks are a Christmas tradition! They add a rich chocolate taste to cocoa or coffee with a hint of festive peppermint. They’re easy for tweens to make and make great DIY Christmas gifts for friends, teachers and grandparents. Tweens won’t need much supervision on this project other than chocolate melting.


Clay Magnets for the Fridge and Clay Ornaments for the Tree – tweens love clay crafts!

Dogs DIY clay magnets kids craft

Tweens absolutely love oven-bake clay! It’s so satisfying for them to knead clay and create fun characters that can double as cool DIY Christmas gifts. Elise made these clay dog magnets of her grandma’s beloved Shih Tzu dogs as her Christmas gift. The kids have also spent many hours making clay Roblox characters of their avatars and Adopt Me pets.

My top tip is to buy Sculpey Bake Shop clay if you can find it. The Sculpey Bake Shop clay is softer and easier for kids to use without needing a bunch of needing. And be sure to check out my expert tips for working with clay.

Kids making clay magnets - Copyright Merriment Design Co, Do not use without written permission.


Glass Ball DIY Ornament with Perler Beads – no ironing needed and easier than it looks

Glass ball DIY Christmas tree ornament with Perler beads

Raise your hand if you’ve spent hours of your life ironing Perler beads. Never fear – there’s no ironing for this craft! Tweens simply glue Perler beads onto a glass ball ornament or plastic ball ornament. It’s a cute handmade Christmas ornament that tweens can make more quickly than you’d think.

Making DIY Christmas ornaments using Perler beads and glue


Tweens can upcycle catalogs into adorable Christmas cards for grandparents. Just have them rip the catalogs into piles of like colors, glue the rips onto a white piece of paper, and cut into a tree shape. It’s a fun and cool Christmas craft idea for tweens to make without much supervision.


Letter DIY Ornaments from Teeny Pom Poms – tweens love mini pom poms

Pom pom letter DIY Christmas ornaments

Pom poms are tween-approved craft supplies. Kids can make monogram letters for their friends, family, and themselves, too. All it takes is a little bit of wire and a handful of cute teeny pom poms.


Cute Mittens DIY Gift Card Holders Printable Template – tweens can make for friends and teachers

How to make DIY gift card holders in the shape of mittens

More mittens! Recruit the tweens to make gift card holders for Starbucks cards, Roblox gift cards, and other gift cards. Use my free mitten template and decorate with assorted colored paper.


Festive DIY Candles Decorated with Washi Tape – tweens can make their own DIY gifts

Fill your home with Christmas smells like evergreen and cinnamon with these festive DIY Christmas candles. Tweens can decorate the outside of glass candles with washi tape Christmas trees. These DIY candles make a great Hanukkah craft idea, too.

DIY candle decorated with washi tape


Christmas Bracelets Craft for Tweens – easy for tweens to make themselves

DIY no-sew Christmas bracelets for kids colored using fabric markers. Kids can move around the Shrinky Dink snowflakes as they wish. #christmasgifts #handmadechristmas #diy #diychristmas #kidsactivities

Making bracelets is one of my favorite crafts to make with kids. This Christmas version features optional Shrinky Dink snowflakes that you can make with my free printable Shrinky Dink snowflake template. Tweens can magically move the snowflakes around their bracelets using VELCRO brand fasteners.

No-sew DIY Christmas bracelets craft for kids. Color any pattern or holiday scene that you wish, and make optional Shrinky Dink snowflakes to dress it up. #christmascrafts #christmas #DIYforkids #handmadechristmas #kidsactivities


Felt Mitten DIY Ornament for the Christmas Tree – for tweens who like to sew

DIY felt mittens ornament on a Christmas tree

This craft idea creates a family heirloom! Tweens enjoy choosing colors, cutting out felt using my free mitten template, and sewing it together with basic embroidery stitches.

Cut pieces for making DIY wool felt mitten ornaments for Christmas


Ice Skating Cake with Fondant Ice Skate Topper – tweens love to use fondant!

Ice skating birthday cake 10th birthday cake

Yes, baking counts as crafting, especially when tweens use clay-like fondant to make my cute ice skate cake topper. Making cake toppers using fondant is very similar to making crafts with clay. Tweens can download my ice skates printable template, roll out fondant, and make their own edible skates.


Snow-day Scones Recipe – tweens love to channel the Great British Baking Show with this easy recipe

Easy berry scones recipe - blackberry and raspberry

Here’s another Christmas-y baking recipe: Snow Day Scones! When it’s 20 below like it gets here in Chicago, tweens can stay warm inside by baking scones for the family with raspberries and blueberries. Grab yours quickly …tweens eat these up fast.


Removable Mug Wraps for No Mixed-Up Mugs – tweens love hot cocoa

DIY stocking mug wraps free printable. Cute for Christmas Eve cocoa and Christmas breakfasts. Super easy to put onto mugs and remove to wash. Personalize with names for no mixed up mugs! #christmas #diy #crafts #diychristmas #handmadechristmas #christmasbreakfast #spon

Tweens love to make cocoa, especially with homemade marshmallows. Add a little Christmas spirit to your mugs by having tweens decorate them with removable mug wraps featuring stockings and Santa himself. No more mixed up mugs!


Paper Christmas Wreath – tweens can decorate their bedroom door

DIY holiday wreath decoration for food storage container lids. You spent all that time baking for holiday parties and Christmas cookie exchanges, so why put your goodies into plain storage containers?

Isn’t this paper Christmas wreath pretty? Tweens can download my free Christmas wreath printable template to create their own wreath to decorate their bedroom doors or deck-out a cookie-filled Tupperware gift like we did.


Cake Mix Cookies – just 6 ingredients for tweens to bake

Ooey gooey butter cookies recipe - you'll never guess that these delicious cookies come from a yellow cake mix! Make these St. Louis quick and easy cake mix cookies from scratch for Christmas cookie exchanges and school celebrations. #ooey #gooey #butter #cookies #recipe #cake #mix #easy #yellow #christmas #scratch

You’ll never guess that these delicious cookies come from a yellow cake mix! Tweens can make these quick and easy cake mix cookies for Santa Claus – and it only takes 6 ingredients.


Easy DIY Advent Calendar From Recycled Paper Tubes

Tweens love advent calendars. I mean, who wouldn’t want to get presents to lead up to the presents?? Here’s an easy DIY advent calendar idea that you can make together with your tween. I cut the toilet paper tubes in half, and my 11-year-old son taped the tissue paper on the ends, wrapped 24 cardboard tubes with red and white paper, and arranged them into a candy cane shape. Then I had him step out of the room while I added small toys and glued the advent calendar together so he’d be surprised when he starts punching open the tubes.

Candy Cane DIY Advent Calendar made from cardboard paper rolls


Swedish Tea Ring Recipe for Yummy Christmas Morning Breakfast – tweens can help parents for a family activity

And finally, if you’re looking for a family activity to do with tweens, try my mom’s traditional Swedish Tea Ring recipe! My mom has baked a Swedish Tea Ring every year since we were kids and it’s always a big hit with both kids and adults. This Swedish Tea Ring recipe is fun to make with kids and a delicious Christmas morning breakfast treat that you can make the night before.

Swedish Tea Ring recipe for Christmas morning breakfast - cinnamon roll wreath
DIY crafts tutorial

Be sure to pin my 10+ fun Christmas crafts for tweens

And check out all my Christmas craft ideas and free printables. Merry Christmas!

Fun Christmas crafts for tweens to make - 10+ fun and cool ideas for Christmas decor and DIY gifts


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