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Cute gingerbread DIY Christmas decorations wearing ugly sweaters

Gingerbread Christmas decor DIY on fireplace mantle

Bring joy into your holiday season with my cute DIY gingerbread Christmas decorations in ugly sweaters! Keep reading to see how to make your own paper garland and Joy sign to decorate your home for Christmas.

There’s no doubt that 2020 has been an ugly year. End it on a cute note with this cheerful gang of gingerbread friends wearing funny ugly Christmas sweaters made using ASTROBRIGHTS Papers.

Astrobrights asked me to design an original Christmas decoration project for them to share on their website. Astrobrights is my favorite paper and I decided to use not only their bright vivid cardstock paper but also their natural Husk and Grocer Kraft natural colors to make my DIY Christmas decor.

Paper ugly sweater garland with gingerbread pals
Paper DIY gingerbread garland with funny ugly Christmas sweaters
Paper gingerbread garland with ugly sweaters DIY

My cute gingerbread garland DIY is full of fun and cheer. Keep reading to see how to download my free printable template to make your own gingerbread garland with funny ugly Christmas sweaters.

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My kids love these cute little gingerbread friends so much that I’m going to make more. Deck your walls with your own friendly gingerbread gang and start a new ugly holiday tradition!

Easy and cute paper Christmas decorations

My DIY gingerbread Christmas decorations feature gingerbread friends in colorful knitted sweaters with festive details such as reindeer, trees, snowflakes, hats, and Scandi details. First, download my free templates at and print them onto Astrobrights Papers. Then glue the eyes, mouths, and icing to golden brown gingerbread friends and dress them in playful ugly sweaters with knitted details.

Making DIY paper ugly sweaters for a gingerbread garland

Next, make a gingerbread cookie JOY sign with sweater cuffs to add extra color and cheer to your mantle. Finally, create as many coordinating knitted ornaments as you want to complete the look.

DIY paper gingerbread decorations in ugly sweaters

My whimsical ugly sweater gingerbread paper garland is a fun and easy paper craft that takes just a few supplies that you probably already have at home. Grab the kids and make a whole gang of gingerbread friends to decorate your home for the holidays. Try making one gingerbread friend that represents each family member both near and far.

Visit for my printable templates and full instructions.

I hope that you enjoy making your own DIY paper Christmas decorations featuring my gingerbread pals in ugly sweaters. Hooray for a warm and cozy winter!


How to make paper gingerbread garland in ugly Christmas sweaters, Joy sign with sweater cuffs, and paper ornaments

Supplies and Templates:

Supplies to make paper gingerbread garland with ugly sweaters

Instructions for making gingerbread garland:

Step 1: Print templates (download them at onto Astrobrights cardstock paper: gingerbread shapes on Husk, eyes, and mouth on Grocer Kraft, icing on Solar White, and ugly sweater pieces using your favorite vibrant Astrobrights colors.

Step 2: Cut out paper gingerbread pieces, sweaters, and knitted decorations using good paper scissors. Use a craft knife and self-healing cutting mat for small details.

Step 3: Glue paper eyes, mouth, icing, and sweaters to the gingerbread shapes using a glue stick.

Step 4: Add paper sweaters and ugly sweater details; secure with glue stick, and let dry completely.

Step 5: Punch holes in hands and string onto white ric rac trim, or skip the punch and attach the gang to white ric rac trim using painter’s tape, and hang.

Paper DIY gingerbread garland wearing ugly Christmas sweaters


How to make a JOY paper sign with ugly sweater cuffs and knitted ornaments

Supplies and Templates:

Paper Christmas ornament DIY with snowflakes and knitted pattern

Instructions for making a JOY paper sign with ugly sweater cuffs and paper knitted ornaments

Step 1: Print Kathy’s templates (download them at onto Astrobrights cardstock paper.

Step 2: Cut out the JOY letters, sweater cuff pieces, and knitted ornaments using paper scissors.

Step 3: Glue sweater cuffs together using a glue stick, let dry, then trim off any extra bits. Next, glue the sweater cuffs to the JOY letters and let dry.

Step 4: Glue white snowflakes to sweater ornaments and let dry.

Step 5: Lean against the mantle using painter’s tape to secure. Or you can make it into a garland by punching holes and stringing onto white ric rac trim.

Joy Christmas sign printable template
DIY Joy sign with gingerbread garland wearing ugly sweaters
Paper gingerbread man wearing ugly sweater

Astrobrights cardstock paper for my full tutorial and printables to make my gingerbread garland wearing ugly Christmas sweaters. I hope you have an ugly Christmas!


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Gingerbread garland in ugly sweaters DIY Christmas decor


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Yeah, that’s a lot of paper craft projects. Can you tell that I really like working with Astrobrights paper? It’s truly my favorite colorful paper for all kinds of holiday crafts!

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