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Pretend Campfire and S’mores Craft: Indoor Camping Play Set

Pretend campfire with fake wood grain logs, flames, and stone safety ring

Make an interactive pretend campfire and s’mores play set to bring camping fun indoors, rain or shine! This cute paper craft project features a toasty campfire with wood-grain logs surrounded by a stone ‘safety’ ring for kids to toast pretend marshmallows until they’re golden brown.

Keep reading to see how to download the free printable templates to make this fun, fake campfire for pretend play.

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Astrobrights Papers asked me to design a fall paper project to feature at, so I decided to keep summer alive and make an indoor pretend s’mores and campfire.

Easy-to-make campfire craft with just a few supplies

This whimsical playset is a fun and easy craft to make with kids and takes just a few supplies that you probably already have at home. The pretend fire pit, fake campfire, and s’mores ingredients are made out of paper and upcycled cardboard tubes from paper towels and toilet paper.

DIY pretend campfire play set with s'mores free printable
Supplies for making a DIY pretend campfire from paper and upcycled cardboard tubes
S’mores pretend play craft with paper marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate

Toast pretend marshmallows on real sticks

Start by building the fire: Stack paper logs, build the stone fire pit, and ‘light’ the paper flames. Whoa! That’s a toasty roaring campfire! Then slip marshmallows onto real wooden sticks for toasting. Liam decided to toast three marshmallows at once.

Liam playing pretend with campfire play set Copyright Merriment Design. Do not distribute without written permission.

When the marshmallows are ready, just pop them onto paper graham crackers and add some chocolate for a gooey s’mores treat. Yummy!

S’mores craft for pretend play with paper campfire

Too close to the flames = burned marshmallows

ACK!! This little marshmallow fell into the paper fire and now it’s all burned. Poor little charred marshmallow! Oh well, we’ll just try again.

Pretend burned marshmallow with paper campfire

Easier to make than a plush felt campfire

My DIY campfire and s’mores paper play set craft is easier to make than a plush felt campfire because there’s no sewing required. And my paper campfire design is more durable and realistic than a tissue paper fire.

Kid playing with pretend campfire and s'mores DIY play set craft

My kids totally inspired this DIY craft idea. Back in March when we were in lockdown in Chicago, the kids built indoor forts and created their own pretend campfire using balled up paper and real sticks. I saw what they made themselves and thought, hey, that’s a great idea to make with Astrobrights paper! So thanks to my kids for the inspiration.

Baby Yoda and the American Girl dolls have both been enjoying my pretend campfire and s’mores craft. Hey Joss, your marshmallow is looking great!

American Girl doll playing with paper campfire and s'mores pretend play set
Baby Yoda playing with pretend campfire play set

Great craft idea for a camping theme

This pretend campfire is a great activity for a camping theme birthday party, camping theme classroom at school, or simply for pretend dramatic play inside at home. Kids can make as many s’mores as they like with their handmade campfire, rain or shine.

DIY pretend campfire play set craft with fire and s'mores

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Supplies for making pretend s’mores and campfire play set from paper:

How to make a DIY fake campfire and s’mores play set from paper:

Visit for the full how-to instructions. Here are the basic steps:

  • Step 1:  Print templates onto Astrobrights Papers and cut out logs, stones, and fire flames, marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers.
  • Step 2:  Make marshmallows by cutting toilet paper rolls in half with a craft knife to make two ‘marshmallows’ per roll, and then glue on my free printable marshmallow templates.
  • Step 3:  Make logs by gluing my wood grain templates onto the logs.
  • Step 4:  Glue the red, orange, and yellow flames together, then fold into a triangle shape to secure into a fake campfire.
  • Step 5:  Play!

Head on over to for my full pretend campfire and s’mores tutorial and free printables.

Fake campfire wood logs craft from upcycled cardboard tubes


Be sure to pin this pretend campfire and s’mores play set craft idea:

DIY s'mores campfire pretend play set made from paper and upcycled cardboard paper tubes

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