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Minecraft Halloween Costume DIY: Villager Head Printable for Halloween or a Minecraft Party

Minecraft costume DIY cardboard head

Make this easy Minecraft Costume idea for your favorite Minecraft fan! This Minecraft Villager head and emerald make a great Minecraft Halloween Costume DIY or Minecraft dress up.

I created a Minecraft free printable for you to download and glue onto a cardboard or foam core box to make a Minecraft Villager with 3D nose. You can also use this technique to make a Minecraft cardboard head for Steve, Creeper, Zombie, Skeleton, and Enderman.

Printable Minecraft villager Halloween mask
Making the nose for a Minecraft villager costume

Liam’s super into Minecraft this year. He even had a Minecraft birthday party theme this year. So when he told me that he wanted me to help him make a Minecraft Halloween Costume, I wasn’t too surprised. But then he said he wanted to be a Villager. Um, what is a Villager?? I had to Google what a Minecraft Villager was and what it looked like. And then, I was able to create this free printable Minecraft villager head for you that makes a great DIY Minecraft costume idea for boys and girls.

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It was so cold in Chicago on Halloween that we had to wear jackets and gloves on top of our Descendants and Minecraft Halloween costumes. The Minecraft cardboard head actually kept Liam’s face and head warm. Leave it to Chicago to have snow on October 31st! What a trick!

DIY Minecraft Villager costume with Mal from Descendants copyright Merriment Design Co. Written permission is needed to reuse this photo.
Halloween skeleton yard decoration with snow

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Supplies for making a Minecraft Halloween costume DIY head:

How to make a Minecraft Halloween Costume head:

1. Print my free Minecraft cardboard head printable for a Villager

Download my free Minecraft Villager printable with 3D nose. There will be 5 pages to print: 1 Villager face, 2 sides, 1 top, and 1 back. Be sure to print on bright white cardstock paper for the most vibrant colors, and try to use a color laser printer if you can to minimize the chance of colors running if Halloween is a little rainy. Use your craft knife, metal ruler, and self-healing mat to trim away all the white edges. Each page has an extra strip of pixels in case you need to fill in blank slots on your cardboard box as needed.

Printable Minecraft villager Halloween costume mask

Step 2: Glue Minecraft skins to the sides of the cardboard box or foam core

Use your purple glue stick to adhere the 5 Minecraft skins (face, back, two sides, and top) and Villager face to a cardboard box or 5 pieces of foam core or cardboard cut to be the same size as the printouts. I cut 5 pieces of black foam core the same size as the printouts. Let dry completely. Carefully cut out eye holes from the Minecraft face using a craft knife, metal ruler, and self-healing mat. Then made a cube by gluing the sides of the Minecraft head together using strong glue or a glue gun and glue sticks. Let the Minecraft costume dry completely.

Making a DIY Minecraft head for a Minecraft Halloween costume
Making a DIY Minecraft costume head from cardboard or foam core box

Step 3: Add 3D villager nose to the Minecraft head

Glue the Minecraft villager’s nose pieces onto cut pieces of cardboard or black foam core using a purple glue stick and let dry completely. Then glue the pieces into a 3D nose using strong glue or glue gun and glue sticks, and let dry completely. Once dry, glue the nose onto the Minecraft villager face.

Making the nose for a Minecraft villager costume

Step 4: Add pillow stuffing to the inside of the head.

I forgot to take a photo of this step, but we added a little pillow stuffing to the inside of the head, just enough to position the mask properly on Liam’s head so that he could see out of the eye holes. It made the Minecraft cardboard head comfortable for him to wear. You can permanently glue in the pillow stuffing but we didn’t and his cardboard head stayed put just fine at his school’s Halloween party.

DIY Minecraft villager costume box head for Halloween


Be sure to pin this Minecraft costume DIY printable cardboard head:

Minecraft costume DIY printable head


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