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Rocket Pops (Bomb Pops) DIY 4th of July Party Decorations

DIY 4th of July party decorations free printable templates

Make these patriotic DIY 4th of July Party Decorations featuring America’s favorite classic popsicle, Rocket Pops! I’m sharing my hand-drawn free printable rocket pops template that you can use with my all-time favorite vibrant color paper, ASTROBRIGHTS® Papers. This free printable bomb pops template will put a little more KA-BOOM into your Fourth of July party!

4th of July DIY party decorations idea

When I was growing up in Indiana, we called these yummy three-flavor popsicles “Bomb Pops.” These pops have since been rechristened “Rocket Pops” but they’re still just as summery and sweet.

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A few years ago, the kids and I made some bomb pops artwork inspired by Chicago mosaic street art, and therefore I wanted to bring the classic popsicles back for this year’s Fourth of July celebrations.

Making DIY Rocket Pops paper Fourth of July cupcake toppers

I hand-drew my Rocket Pops design to have an illustrated, handmade feel. I spent a ton of time hand drawing Bomb Pops to make a cute printable template for you that would also be quick and easy to make. I’m really happy with how they turned out. You can get my free Rocket Pops printable templates in two sizes: small rocket pops for 4th of July cupcake toppers and large rocket pops for Fourth of July garland.

Rocket Pops printable paper cupcake toppers
DIY Rocket Pops / Bomb Pops Cupcake Toppers
Paper Rocket Pops party decorations for cupcakes and garland

Astrobrights Papers asked me to design a summer paper project using all the vibrant colors you’ll need to decorate for a Fourth of July party: Re-Entry Red™, Bright White, Lunar Blue™,  and Blast-Off Blue™.

Astrobrights Papers Patriotic Pack in Red, White, and Blue

Secondly, I added a coordinating American flag banner with hand-drawn stars that’s super easy to make and hang. Are you ready to make your own Fourth of July DIY party decorations using Astrobrights Papers? Keep reading for the supplies and link to the full tutorial.

4th of July paper banner printable template for an American flag

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What supplies do you need for making DIY 4th of July party decorations?

To download my Rocket Pops printable template:

Please visit for my free printable templates and full instructions.


Rocket Pops Cupcake Toppers for the 4th of July

These hand-drawn Bomb Pop cupcake toppers make such an easy and cute Fourth of July dessert idea. Print my Rocket Cops cupcake toppers for the 4th of July onto Astrobrights Papers and cut out, then glue the red and blue pieces onto the white rocket pop. Cut a wooden coffee stirrer in half. Glue the stirrer to the back of the paper topper and let dry completely. Place toppers into cupcakes and serve.

DIY Rocket Pops / Bomb Pops Cupcake Toppers

4th of July Bomb Pop DIY cupcake toppers


Stars Cupcake Stand for 4th of July desserts

Be sure to cut out lots of extra stars to decorate dessert stands and tables to add some spark to your summer shin-dig. Decorate a cupcake stand to display Fourth of July cupcakes. It’s quick and easy to make: just print my stars printable template onto Astrobrights Papers, cut out stars using scissors, then tape stars to the top of cupcake stands and food tables.

Cupcake stand decorated with stars for the Fourth of July


Rocket Pops garland DIY 4th of July Party Decorations

Make Bomb Pops and Stars garland to hang in your home, in your yard, or inside patio umbrellas. Follow the rocket pop cupcake toppers instructions above to make large rocket pops. Cut out stars using scissors. Punch holes in the star corners. For the rocket pops, you can either punch holes like the stars or simply tape directly to the string. String banner together and hang.

Fourth of July garland DIY hung inside a patio umbrella
Rocket pops / bomb pops DIY party decorations
Punching holes in a stars banner


Easy American Flag Banner DIY

This banner template is a super simple American flag design that you can make as short or long as you’d like. Print my Flag Banner and Stars templates onto Astrobrights Papers and cut out. Glue stars onto the blue banner pieces. Punch holes in the banner corners. String banner together and hang. I added large bomb pops to the banner sides.

American flag banner bunting DIY 4th of July decoration
American flag paper DIY banner with handmade stars
Bomb Pop 4th of July decorating an American Flag banner


I hope that you enjoy making your own DIY paper decor for the Fourth of July with my hand-drawn Rocket Pops popsicle and American flag designs. It’s an easy craft project that the whole family can help make together for a festive Fourth!


Be sure to pin this Fourth of July dessert idea and 4th of July DIY decorations:

DIY Rocket Pops / Bomb Pops Cupcake Toppers

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