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Make Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Hearts with Kids for Valentine’s Day

DIY heart-shaped chocolate-covered strawberry hearts

This easy chocolate-covered strawberry hearts recipe is a sweet treat for Valentine’s Day that you can make with your kids. These heart-shaped chocolate strawberries look pretty yummy, right? We already ate them all!

Easy valentines chocolate-covered strawberries

These chocolate-covered strawberries are easy to make with your kids. Clearly, I helped them decorate this valentines strawberry with chocolate and sprinkles. We added a toothpick as a cupid’s arrow – cute!

DIY heart-shaped chocolate-covered strawberry hearts

We also made some more traditional super easy chocolate-covered strawberries that were a big hit, too.

Chocolate covered strawberries with sprinkles Valentine's Day dessert

Easy Valentine’s dessert to make with kids

Today I’m sharing some tips on how to make heart-shaped chocolate-covered strawberries with young children. I saw these awesome marshmallow-filled chocolate strawberry hearts by 1 Fine Cookie and thought they were super cute but who was I kidding? It was too advanced for yours truly and my pint-sized assistant.

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Kid-friendly chocolate strawberries for Valentine’s Day

We simplified our heart-shaped strawberry Valentine’s dessert below, and if you want the full awesome marshmallow-filled recipe please see 1 Fine Cookie. Keep reading to see how we made a kid-friendly version of chocolate-covered strawberry hearts.

Elise making chocolate strawberries for Valentine's Day. Copyright Merriment Design Co. Do not use without written permission.

DIY crafts tutorial

Supplies for making valentines chocolate-covered strawberry hearts with kids:

How to make valentines hearts chocolate-covered strawberries with kids:

Step 1: Melt chocolate and wash the strawberries

First, have kids pour the chocolate candy melts into an unplugged melting pot like Wilton Chocolate & Candy Melt Melting Pot, or gently heat the chocolate wafers in a saucepan on the stove. Avoid the microwave if you can. While the chocolate is melting a safe distance from the kids, have kids wash the strawberries – they can do it! Dry the strawberries after washing.

Chocolate candy melts and strawberries

Step 2: Cut strawberries into hearts

Next, cut strawberries – older kids can do this step but I found that I had to do it for a five-year-old. We made our strawberry hearts by cutting strawberries in half and then half again, then taking off a smidge of one and secure with a toothpick on an angle like this…

Strawberry heart

Why cut off the angle? Well, it looks more like a heart once it’s covered in chocolate. We made some that we only cut in half like this…

Strawberry heart

…which was cute until covered with chocolate and then it didn’t really look too much like a heart. However, this method is easier for kids to put in the toothpick so it’s sort of a trade-off. If you want the kids to do it themselves, just use the simple heart version and it will look more like the heart below…

DIY heart-shaped chocolate-covered strawberry hearts

Step 3: Cover strawberry fronts with chocolate

OK, so now that strawberries are assembled, cover the top with chocolate. Kids can do this step. We tried dipping and it didn’t work so well…

Elise dipping strawberries in chocolate. Copyright Merriment Design Co. Do not use without written permission.

So instead we used a rubber-tipped baby spoon to spoon on the chocolate – perfect! Kids can do this step.

Making chocolate strawberry hearts

Step 4: Add Valentines sprinkles to the strawberries

Sprinkle time! Lots of sprinkles! Kids excel at putting on the sprinkles on their own.

Chocolate strawberry hearts on wire baking rack

Step 5: Cover the strawberry backs with chocolate

Pop it in the fridge until the chocolate has hardened, then be sure to seal up the back too. Flip the strawberry over and spoon chocolate on the backside.

Making chocolate strawberry hearts

Optional: Make traditional chocolate-covered strawberries

To make the more traditional chocolate-covered strawberries, we decided to first take off the green stem and fill the caps instead.

Filling strawberries with chocolate

Then dip the top half totally into the chocolate.

Dipping a strawberry in chocolate

Sprinkles! Let the kids go nuts here…

Elise putting sprinkles on chocolate strawberries. Copyright Merriment Design Co. Do not use without written permission.

Pop them in the refrigerator to harden.

Chocolate covered strawberries with sprinkles Valentine's Day dessert

How to store chocolate-covered strawberries

Store chocolate-covered strawberries in the refrigerator. They won’t last too long because the strawberries are cut, but eating them soon clearly wasn’t a problem for us. You can check out 1 Fine Cookie for the full recipe for chocolate-covered strawberry hearts including marshmallow filling. Happy Valentine’s Day!

DIY crafts tutorial

Be sure to pin these easy chocolate-covered strawberries to make with kids for Valentine’s Day

Valentines chocolate-covered strawberries to make with kids for Valentine's Day dessert
DIY crafts tutorial

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