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8 Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Cards to Make For Your Sweetie, Friends, School

8 Cute DIY Valentine's Day Card ideas

Make cute and easy DIY Valentine’s Day Cards for your loves. This wide range of creative handmade Valentine’s Day card ideas will make your card stand out from the bunch. I’m sharing handmade cards to make with a few craft supplies and straight-up printable Valentine’s Day cards if you want to print and go. There are even some classroom valentines ideas for kids to make for school buddies. Oh, and hearts! Lots and lots of hearts.

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Making DIY Valentine’s Day Cards is an easy and sweet way to let someone know how much they mean to you. Here are DIY Valentine’s Day card ideas for Galentines, friends, and kids in addition to romantic DIY valentines for your husband, wife, girlfriend, or boyfriend. Are you ready to pick a creative Valentine to make?

Handmade Valentine’s Day Cards

Valentine’s Day has become a day for celebrating all types of love. Who doesn’t like to be get a sweet little love letter, right? And it’s true that handmade cards send the most love. Whether you’re giving a romantic DIY Valentine’s Day card for your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or sending your love to your kids, friends, BFF, and Galentines, making a handmade card not only saves a trip to the store but also shows that you care enough to take a bit of extra time to fully show it. So let’s see some DIY Valentine’s Day card ideas…

Cute Heart Initial Letters DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

Heart alphabet letter handmade Valentine's Day card or valentines artwork

My heart initials handmade Valentine’s Day cards look pretty impressive and they’re actually really easy to make. This creative Valentine’s Day idea uses hearts and a woven-paper effect to make the first letter of your sweetie’s name. I made these valentines for my kids, and they’d also be great for friends and your BFF.


XOXO Handmade Valentine for Him or Her

XOXO tic-tac-toe Valentine card DIY

Make a DIY Valentine’s Day card for him or her! This cute and romantic XOXO tic-tac-toe Valentine card DIY is quick and easy to make for your sweetie. Choose the printable version or cut the pieces out from colored cardstock paper and glue. Handmade Valentine’s Day cards send the most love! Get my Valentine’s card DIY and tutorial to make your own Valentine for your husband, boyfriend, wife, or girlfriend.


DIY Valentine’s Day cards from recycled magazines

Recycled magazine card for Valentine's Day

This DIY Valentine’s Day card from recycled magazines is fun to make and looks really cool. See how to rip magazines to make this creative handmade Valentine. You could add an arrow to the top like I did, or a heart. Because it’s not a super romantic card idea, it a great card for friends and BFFs or a Galentine’s Day party activity.


Heart Handmade Valentine’s Day Card Using Recycled Security Envelopes

Recycled Valentine's Day card from security envelopes

Here’s another recycling idea. Gather up security envelopes with fun patterns and make a heart-filled Valentine from recycled security envelopes. This card is a simple and unique way to share the love.


DIY Valentine’s Day Jokes Cards for Kids (with printable template)

Valentine's day jokes valentines for kids

What flowers give the most kisses on Valentine’s Day? Tulips! Make these cute jokes Valentine’s Day cards for your kids. The jokes are silly for kids and not too romantic for classroom valentines. The heart flap lifts up for the answer to the riddle. Liam and I made 30 of these jokes valentines for his school Valentine’s Day classroom exchange but you could make just one or two of them for lunchbox love notes.

DIY crafts tutorial

Cute Printable Valentine’s Day Cards

No time to make a handmade Valentine’s Day card? Try one of these printable Valentine’s Day cards for your husband, wife, friend, and school pals.

XOXO You & Me Romantic Printable Valentine’s Day Card

Free printable Valentine with arrows and hearts

This XOXO You & Me printable Valentine is romantic without being too cheesy. Print it out for your husband, wife, girlfriend, or boyfriend, fold it, sign it, and you’re done.


LEGO Valentine’s Day card for family and school classroom exchanges

LEGO Valentines idea - kids classroom valentines

LEGO Valentine’s Day cards are a great Valentine’s Day card idea for little builders to make for their classroom pals and Grandma and Grandpa. Make the card together using real LEGO bricks, and then take a photo to print or share digitally.


Vintage sheet music printable Valentine

Printable Music Vintage sheet music for piano

Does your sweetheart love music? Print this printable Valentine’s Day card from vintage sheet music that I found in a Brooklyn antique store. I like the song’s simple lyrics: “Just because you’re you, that’s why I love you. Just because you’re you, what more can I say?” And that, folks, is the true definition of love.

DIY crafts tutorial

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DIY cards for Valentine's Day for friends, kids, husband, boyfriend, wife,

And see more cute and easy Valentine’s Day crafts, DIYs, and treats.


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