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Monogram DIY Valentines for teens

Handmade valentine for teens with black hearts and red strips of their first initial

Looking for cute Valentines for teens? My Valentine’s Day card DIY is the polar opposite of a mushy, romantic Valentine. The black hearts lean emo yet they’re still hearts that show love and affection. My personalized monogram valentine is a great Valentine’s Day card to make for teens, especially teens who aren’t super into Valentine’s Day. Keep reading to see how to make my monogram Valentines for teens.

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Cute monogram DIY Valentines for teens – high schoolers and middle schoolers

I made this monogrammed Valentine’s Day card for my high schooler niece, Madison, who actually doesn’t really like Valentine’s Day. I wanted to send her something from us that shows we love her, so I made her a darker version of my heart alphabet letters DIY Valentine’s Day card with black hearts and attached a gift card inside using washi tape. Don’t you absolutely love the black hearts contrasted with the red strips? They’re giving me throwback ’80’s The Cure vibes for sure.

Putting a DIY Valentine's Day card into an envelope
Handmade valentine for teens with black hearts and red strips of their first initial

Cute handmade Valentines for teens from parents or aunts and uncles

My handmade monogram can either become a Valentine’s Day card or even wall art. You could even create heart monograms for each family member and frame them for Valentine’s Day wall art.

Handmade valentine for teens with black hearts and red strips of their first initial
DIY crafts tutorial

How to make my handmade Valentines for teens

Step 1: Fold white letter-sized cardstock paper in half

Fold your white cardstock paper in half lengthwise. I like to use a craft knife to score the paper for a nice, crisp fold – check out how to score paper for the perfect fold here.

Scoring and folding paper to make a valentine
Supplies for making a handmade Valentine's Day card

Step 2: Cut out black paper hearts

Then cut out black paper hearts either using a heart paper punch or by downloading my heart template file (PDF). If you have a paper cutting machine you can email me for the SVG file. I cut my hearts from black cardstock from my favorite colored cardstock paper, Astrobrights. This is not a sponsored post for Astrobrights although I do partner with them; I just love their paper and use it on my own personal projects, too.

Step 3: Slip black hearts onto thin strips of paper

Cut thin strips of cardstock paper, either use my template or cut them slightly less than 1/4″ wide. The strips need to be cardstock paper so that it’s thick enough to weave without bending. This step is quicker if you have a paper cutting machine and use an SVG file, just contact me for that file. Or cut two slits into each paper heart using a craft knife and self-healing mat. Then carefully thread the hearts onto the cardstock paper strips, alternating directions.

How to weave hearts onto paper strips

Step 4: Make a monogram out of thin strips that fits the card front

Then cut the strips so that they’ll form a monogram to fit onto the front of the card. Admittedly, this craft is easier for letters that use straight lines rather than curves. For curved monograms, you could go for more of a Greek look by using angles instead of curves.

Gluing black hearts onto a DIY Valentine's Day card

Step 5: Glue the monogram to the Valentine

Put the heart strips onto the card and shape them into a monogram. Attach the monogram using a glue stick.

Gluing black hearts onto a DIY Valentine's Day card

Step 6: Write a note inside for your teen

You can also include a gift card inside your monogram Valentine’s Day card. Just tape it inside using a little bit of washi tape. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Writing inside a handmade Valentine's Day card
DIY crafts tutorial

Be sure to pin my DIY valentine for teens

DIY monogram valentine for teens with black hearts

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