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DIY LEGO valentines idea to make for classroom exchanges

LEGO valentines idea

Make this quick and easy DIY LEGO valentines idea that’s fun for kids and parents to make together. It takes less than an hour and you can print and cut as many free kid’s classroom valentines as you need at home for classroom exchanges — I’ll show you how to do it. And the best part? Your kid gets to play with LEGOs!

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LEGOs valentines to print for classroom exchanges

Liam was procrastinating on making his classroom valentines. Last year, he made 35 super cute Dino-Mite dinosaur valentines from Paper Source and they were adorable but took f-o-r-e-v-e-r. Two years ago, we bought boxed Planes Fire and Rescue valentines at Walgreen’s (which as you know for me is hard to admit). This year, I wanted Liam to make something originally him that would be more fun and take less time: printable LEGOs valentines! 

Cutting out printable classroom LEGO valentines

I think it’s important for kids to make their own valentines. Liam is only 5 and made his LEGO classroom valentines almost completely by himself. I helped sort through LEGOs to find pieces that he might want to use and gave him a pointer or two with some letters. Then I got it ready to print six per page (keep reading to see how).

Give it a try for special and personalized LEGO classroom valentines! And just in case, here are some printable LEGO valentines on Etsy if you’d prefer to buy. I won’t judge 😉

Step 1: Build a LEGO Valentine’s Day message on a baseplate

Start by having your son or daughter to decorate a LEGO classic baseplate in sand with “Love” and their name. Liam also added a heart. Kids can use any color combination they want to make their LEGO design.

Easy LEGO valentine idea

Step 2: Take a photo and upload

Then just take a photo, upload it to and print your LEGO valentines for classroom exchanges.

Printing LEGO valentines for kids

Step 3: Print your LEGO valentines and cut

Print as many LEGO valentines as you need for your classroom exchange. Liam also cut out his classroom valentines himself using a sliding paper trimmer with my supervision.

Cutting out printable classroom LEGO valentines

Fun Valentine’s Day idea for LEGO fans

Liam is a LEGO fiend. Give him the chance to do anything in the world and there’s a good chance he’d pick play LEGOs. OK, maybe he’d choose to go to Disneyworld but playing LEGOs would be second. Definitely.

LEGO valentine's idea
DIY crafts tutorial

Supplies for making printable classroom DIY LEGO valentines:

How to make printable DIY LEGO valentines –  kid’s classroom valentines:

1. Start with a LEGO baseplate, create a heart and add names and words.

2. Take a photo.

3. Size it for classroom valentines. I used Adobe Illustrator, but you could use PowerPoint or Google Slides. Open a document and insert a picture. Select your photo and size it as desired. Then copy and paste to fit up to 6 per page. Alternatively, upload it to your local Walgreen’s to print wallet sized prints and skip steps 3&4.

4. Print and cut. I recommend using a sliding paper trimmer for scrapbooking. Kids love it because they can use it themselves (with supervision) to cut straight lines like magic, and you’ll use it yourself too all the time.

5. Send with LOVE!

DIY crafts tutorial

Be sure to pin my DIY printable LEGO valentines idea for later:

LEGO Valentines idea - kids classroom valentines

And be sure to see more of my Valentine’s Day crafts and free printable valentines.


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