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Sewn return address on envelopes and matching custom photo stamps

Merriment :: Sewn return address envelopes and custom photo stamps from

We customized the envelopes for our wedding invitations using a couple of easy tricks: Sewing our return address on the back of our envelopes and adding custom photo stamps from


Merriment :: Sewn return address envelopes and custom photo stamps

First I designed the return address text in Illustrator using the Copperplate font. I ordered a plate from Owosso Graphics and my friend John Devylder letterpressed them when he printed our invitations. Of course you can print them yourself too.

Cut the return addresses into rectangles. Invest in a rotary paper trimmer; it will save you loads of time. Sew the rectangle onto the back envelope flap. Backstitch a few stitches to secure or tie the ends together and cut.

Now for the custom photo stamps. I put the cut-out fabric flower that I used on the invitations onto the cream luxe paper and snapped a photo. Then I uploaded it to and they did the rest.

Merriment :: Sewn return address envelopes and custom photo stamps from

One great thing about is that you can create one stamp to cover any extra postage. Be sure to weigh your invitations at the post office before you place your order so you know which denomination to buy. is also fun for save the date announcements and thank you notes.

Like this theme? Then try our sewn poppy fabric invitationstable numbers, guest towels, ring bearer pillow, place cards, sewn zigzagged programsmenu, reserved signs, whimsical flower garland “altar” and bridesmaid’s handbags.

Don’t feel like making them yourself? Contact me and I’ll help.

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Merriment :: Kathy Beymer

Wednesday 25th of June 2008

Hi Liesel,

Congratulations on your engagement! October is a great month of the year to get married :) And I'm so excited that you liked my invitations. It's a great complement and I truly appreciate you reaching out to me to tell me.

I'll email you with details. Thanks!


Liesel Eastman

Wednesday 25th of June 2008


Hello! My name is Liesel Eastman and I am getting married in October of this year in Nebraska. Five days after your anniversary actually. I first saw your invitations in the Knot and they were truly inspirational. What you did with your wedding is exactly what I had in my head but couldn't figure out how to express. I have even ordered the same fabric through a fabric store in Australia, as it was the only place I could find that still had it.

I am writing you because I am wondering if you ever do invitations as commission work? I would love to replicate your idea but I have not a creative bone in my body, nor do I know how to sew. Plus, as a full time graduate student and working full time, I simply have no time to spare. I would, however, be happy to do the letterpress part of it. I just need the base.

If you would be interested in getting paid to do it all again, please let me know. I would be interested in discussing pricing.

Thanks so much for your time, Liesel Eastman