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Guest towels for bathrooms

Guest towels :: Custom cotton guest towels for the bathroom by Kathy Beymer

This is the detail that got the most comments from my wedding guests. My friends said it was ‘typical Kathy’ to personalize even the bathroom towels.

But this crafty activity is something you can make for a number of special occasions — housewarming, baby shower, birthday gift paired with your favorite luxury scented liquid soaps and lotions — or just as an everyday treat for yourself.


Measure your the width and height of your towel’s ribbing. Add 1/2 inch on all sides; cut out fabric and interfacing. Iron on interfacing and fold 1/2 inch down on all sides to make crisp edges. Appliqué it onto the towel using a tight zigzag stitch like I did or any other decorative stitch. I recommend using colored thread on the top that complements your fabric (I used orange) and thread that blends into the towel on the back (I used white).

Tip: If making guest towels for weddings be sure to make extras so your venue manager can freshen it up throughout the night.

Don’t feel like making it yourself? I’ll do it for you. Just contact me and allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Guest towels :: Guest bathroom at Kathy and Shane's wedding

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COPYRIGHT NOTE: You’re more than welcome to use this project and pattern for your own personal use. Please post a comment below or email me if you use this project so I can smile when I see that it’s being used. Craft and pass it on!


Wednesday 17th of February 2010

is the interfacing really necessary or is it optional?

Kathy Beymer

Wednesday 17th of February 2010

I'd say that interfacing is optional ...I needed it for my fabric because it was thin but thicker fabric should be fine alone.


Wednesday 14th of October 2009

What a great idea! Gorgeous!

If I have enough time, I'm thinking I'll give this a try. I have a question about your directions. It looks like you used orange thread. So how does "I recommend using colored thread on the top that complements your fabric and thread that blends into the towel on the back" come into play? Doesn't your orange thread show through on the back of the towel?

Thank you!

Kathy Beymer

Friday 16th of October 2009

Hi Debi, good question, I actually used white thread in the bobbin, orange thread on top. I will go back in and clarify that in the instructions. Thanks and I can't wait to see what you make!


Monday 30th of March 2009

You are my idol! Just found your blog yesterday morning and immediately made the bacon cups withe scrambled eggs for breakfast! A Fulton Market run is scheduled for next week. Now, I am onto all things wedding... I, too, have found inspiration in fabric and loved how you incorporated it into your wedding. Since I was recently laid off and have all the time in the world to devote to wedding projects (and a tiny budget!), I'm channeling my inner DIY in hopes that I have a smidge of your talent. Three questions for you: 1) For your guest towels, how many did you make? We are expecting 65 guests at our wedding, and 2) I'm dying to know what you did for your dining tablescapes? Thanks so much for sharing such good stuff!

Kathy Beymer

Tuesday 31st of March 2009

Aw, Romy, thanks so much! I'm just happy that you posted a comment to keep me company and let me know about your creative activities! I'm such a sucker for hearing about what people do with these projects and seeing other fun creative things they make.

You asked about guest towels. We had 70 guests, about the same as you. I made two towels for each bathroom but I think you might be in better shape with three or four for each bathroom and getting your facility to refresh them ...or just be sure to have paper towels or a blow dryer there too. I think I bought the towels at Target or K-mart.

We went pretty simple on our dining tablescapes. We chose long, rectangular tables for a communal feel which I loved (think The Bristol) and covered them in chocolate tablecloths. We had fall gourds, pumpkins, orange and yellow short flowers, and candles floating in glasses that had a flower underneath the water the placecards and table numbers. If you're working with a fabric theme, you could also do thin table runners which would look really nice. Also check out these mason jars that my coworker Cristin made which could double as flowers on the table. I decided to spend most of our floral budget on our wedding "altar" and a couple large reception arrangements. When you're budgeting it's all about where you want to prioritize.

So I'd love to see what you come across and how your DIY channeling is going ...I'll be posting some new wedding invitations soon. And BTW, awesome combination of the scrambled eggs and bacon cup! Hope to see you back at soon.

Mary R

Tuesday 16th of December 2008

Awesome!! These look great and the instructions are nice and straightforward - I'm inspired. Thanks, Kathy!