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Ring pillow free sewing pattern

Merriment :: Ring pillow for the ring bearer or the best man

I adore the photos of our rings on the pillow before the ceremony. In addition to looking nice at the ceremony itself the photos from our photographer added a nice storytelling element to our wedding album.

This ring pillow dolls up your ceremony and is perfect for the ringbearer or best man to hold. Best of all it’s really easy to make.

Supplies to make a ring pillow using my free sewing pattern (with links from affiliates):

Cut two pieces of fabric 7″ x 7″ square. You can either put the same fabric on the front and bottom like I did or mix and match patterns or solids on the bottom. With right sides together, sew a 1/2 inch seam around the pillow, leaving about 3 inches open. Clip corners. Turn the pillow right side out and press. Fill the pillow with loose pillow stuffing, making sure to tease apart the stuffing apart first to avoid it balling up inside. I should say that with tiny pillows like this I prefer the loose stuffing, but I find that larger pillows are much nicer if you use pillow forms. Slipstitch the opening shut.

Cut a piece of ribbon long enough to tie a nice bow, about 24 inches. Fold your ribbon in half and secure it with thread the same color as your ribbon. Go all the way through to the backside of the pillow; it makes a cute indentation on the back. About six or so stitches through should do it. Tie a knot to cover up the stitches on the front a bit. That’s it. Finished pillow is 6” x 6” square.

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Don’t feel like making them yourself? Contact me and I’ll help.

COPYRIGHT NOTE: You’re more than welcome to use this project and pattern for your own personal use. Please post a comment below or email me if you use this project so I can smile when I see that it’s being used. Craft and pass it on!