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Golf Ball Markers – DIY Golf Gift from Kids

DIY golf gift markers kids gift idea for Dad

Make DIY ball markers for your favorite golfer! This golf gift DIY craft idea is quick and easy for the kids to make a DIY golf gift idea for dad or grandpa, and it’s lots of fun too. It’s a great DIY gift idea for Father’s Day and birthdays.

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These DIY golf ball markers are made from Perler Beads and thumbtacks so they stay put on the green. Kids can personalize golf ball markers by using Dad’s favorite colors.

DIY golf gift markers kids gift idea for Dad

Want to make a DIY golf gift basket? Pair a set of four DIY golf ball markers with these painted golf tees plus a gift certificate for a round of golf.

DIY golf gift markers kids gift idea for Dad

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Supplies for making a DIY Golf Ball Markers – great DIY Golf Gift from Kids:

How to make Golf Ball Markers golf gift idea:

Step 1: Make small circles using Perler Beads

Use a circle pegboard to make small circles with your dad’s favorite colors of Perler beads.

Perler beads in a circle on a circle plate.

Step 2: Iron ball markers

Cover the small Perler bead golf ball markers with ironing paper. Then iron the fronts and backs using a warm iron to fuse the beads together. Let the ball markers cool completely.

Ironing Perler bead DIY golf ball markers

Step 3: Glue tacks to the ball markers backs

Put a bit of super glue onto the golf ball markers backs. Then stick on a tack with a flat top and hold for a few minutes until secure.

Gluing tacks onto DIY ball markers


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DIY golf gift markers kids gift idea for Dad

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