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DIY Father’s Day Gifts from Kids: Painted Golf Tees

Sharpie marker golf tee DIY gift from daughter and son

Daddy likes to golf? Make him this DIY Father’s Day gifts from kids: Painted golf tees with cute stripes, colors, and smiles. These DIY-painted golf tees are easy to make, and it doubles as a fun kid’s craft activity too.

I really like DIY gifts that are useful and special, and these DIY golf tees are both. These DIY-painted golf tees can go out on the golf links with dads and grandfathers to remind them how much they’re loved. We made them for Father’s Day, and they could also make a great DIY Christmas gift for dads from kids. You can also have the kids make some DIY golf ball markers from Perler beads to round out the gift.

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Easy painted golf tees to give to Dad

Making DIY Father’s Day gifts from kids helps my kids feel like they’re giving daddy something extra special. We wrapped them up in a box along with a gift certificate for a round of golf at a nearby Chicago golf course. I’m definitely an “experiences over things” person so I think this is the best kind of DIY gift. I think it’s important to take the time to make Father’s Day gifts from daughters and sons …kids just grow up so fast.

I love the little smiley faces and hearts that Elise drew on the tops of the tees. So cute, right?

DIY golf present from kids
DIY golf present for fathers and grandfathers
DIY golf tees from kids

A fun golf craft idea that doubles as a DIY gift for Dad

The kids colored the white golf tees using permanent markers. I know, I know, permanent markers + kids = ack!! Don’t worry. It’ll be OK …just be sure to protect your table first and have the kids wear play clothes and everything will be fine.

You can make as many or as few DIY painted golf tees as you’d like. The kids started thinking that they’d make about 10 each, but then it was so much fun that they ended up coloring almost the entire bag of white tees!

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It’s a simple Father’s Day DIY gift from kids that means a lot. Much love to all the fathers and grandfathers out there for all that you do.

DIY golf tees gift in a heart shape

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Supplies for making painted golf tees for a DIY gift for Dad

How to make custom DIY golf tees for Father’s Day gift from the kids

Step 1: Protect your table surface

Protect your table by covering it with an art mat. We are still using the DIY fabric non-slip coloring mat that I sewed like five years ago for Elise …it’s held up great all these years.

Step 2: Paint the golf tees using permanent markers

Color the golf tees using permanent markers. We tried several different kinds including the Sharpie Chisel Tips and my fancy Pantone markers, and the Sharpie Ultra-Fine markers. Liam liked the wider markers because wanted to decorate his DIY golf tees for dad with bands of color. You can kind of see his style below — lots of stripes.

Kids coloring golf tees gift
Kids coloring golf tees gift

Elise made a mix of both. She colored some like Liam, and she also used the ultra-fine Sharpie markers for fine details like words and and cute smiley faces.

Step 3: Add these cute golf tees to a DIY golf basket

Put the tees gift into a mason jar or small basket along with a gift certificate for a round of golf or a bucket of balls at the driving range. You can also include some DIY custom golf ball markers that the kids can make from Perler Beads.

This DIY gift was a big hit with daddy. What other ideas do you have for DIY Father’s Day gifts from kids?

Kids coloring golf tees Golf marker golf ball teeDIY golf tees from kids


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