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Easy Emoji Halloween Costume DIY Idea with Printable Headband ???? ????

Easy emoji Halloween costume with printable headband

This easy emoji Halloween costume DIY will put ???? into your ????. Download and print my free emoji printable templates including a cute emoji headband for an easy last-minute costume idea from your closet. ????

This easy emoji costume idea takes just a few supplies that you probably already have laying around the house. ???? ????️ ✂️ I’m providing seven different emoji designs plus a super cute free printable emojis for a headband. It’s super quick to make for a last-minute Halloween costume idea; in less than an hour, you’ll have a finished costume ready to go. ????

Easy emoji printable headband

Easy last-minute emoji costume idea for kids, women, tweens ???? ⏰ ????

This easy emoji Halloween costume idea is easy to make last-minute when you decide that you actually do want to dress up. Our school hosts an annual Halloween party fundraiser where costumed kids dress up and take over the school after hours for dancing, haunted mazes, and general mayhem. ???? ????‍♀️ ????

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I actually originally made this easy emoji costume for me to wear to the school’s Halloween party, and I tell you, I got a lot of compliments from Elise’s tween friends. ???? I felt sort of like the Statue of Liberty while wearing it, but with emojis. I’m showing my emoji costume here on Elise instead because she’s a much cuter model. ????

Simple Emoji Halloween Costume DIY Idea

Cute DIY emoji headband printable

The costume centers around a cute DIY emoji headband that you can make with my printable emoji template. A few years ago, I made Winnie The Pooh, Tigger, and Piglet ears headbands and they were really easy and turned out super cute. And I had pinned this cute emoji headband for Valentine’s Day made from ping pong balls – so clever! So I decided to mash these ideas together and try headbands again for my DIY emoji costume idea by re-using printable emojis from my Wedding Photo Booth DIY backdrop. I’m really happy with how my easy DIY emoji costume turned out. ????

Emoji headband diy printable template
Easy DIY Emoji Halloween Costume DIY Idea with printable emoji headband


Supplies for making an easy Emoji Halloween Costume:

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How to make a last-minute DIY Emoji Halloween Costume:

Step 1: Download and print my emoji template

There are three pages in my emoji printable template. Page 1 is the emoji printable headband onto bright white cardstock paper – print one page per headband. Pages 2 and 3 can be printed as many times as you like to put onto your body. If you have full-sheet sticker paper, then print the larger emojis onto it. Otherwise, print those emojis on bright white cardstock paper, too.

Free printable emojis for an easy DIY emoji Halloween costume

Step 2: Carefully cut out paper emojis

Go slowly at first until you get the hang of it. Expert tip: Turn the paper instead of the paper scissors for a much smoother cut.

Step 3: Fold paper emojis around the headband and secure

You can put the emojis in any order that you’d like. Be sure to line up the heads, then secure them onto the yellow headband with glue stick or permanent glue dots.

Making a DIY emoji Halloween costume headband

Step 4: Attach remaining emojis to your clothing

Lay yellow clothing out flat onto a table or bed. Choose a yellow dress, sweater, t-shirt, yellow leggings, whatever. Space out the emojis onto your front, back, arms, etc. until you’ve added as many as you wish until you’ve transformed into your favorite emoji.

Emoji headband diy printable template

And you can pair your costume with my easy DIY spiderweb bag.


Be sure to pin this DIY emoji Halloween costume idea:

Easy emoji Halloween costume with printable headband


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