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Make my fun and easy St. Patrick’s Day crafts for kids! From Dublin necklaces and pins made from Shrinky Dinks to headphones with paper rainbows, kids will love making some lucky crafts to celebrate the Emerald Isle. Oh! And try our simple leprechaun trap idea, too.

My 9-year-old kid, Liam, designed this simple leprechaun trap himself! My favorite part is his rainbow trap door made from Perler beads and toothpicks. Liam’s leprechaun trap idea is easy and fun to make, and perfect for elementary school kids. Who knows, you may just end up with new pet leprechaun and a whole lot of gold coins this St. Patrick’s Day.

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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by decorating lucky headphones with cheery paper rainbows, bright green shamrocks, and pot of gold! This St. Patrick’s Day craft idea for kids features a curved rainbow, leprechaunโ€™s treasure, and clover printable templates to sham-rock their next video call.

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Indulge in the luck of the Irish with these easy-to-make green chocolate peanut butter cups for St. Patrick’s Day. This easy green peanut butter cups recipe for St. Patrick’s Day  requires only 5 ingredients: dark green candy melts, dark chocolate, peanut butter, honey, and a little coconut oil. It’s a sweet green dessert idea for …

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Make my lucky St. Patrick’s Day pins DIY using Shrinky Dinks. This DIY Irish pins are an easy and fun St. Patrick’s Day craft idea for kids and adults alike. Follow my simple St. Patrick’s Day craft tutorial and in no time you’ll have some creative accessories to wear for St. Patrick’s Day. ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ช

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I made these easy St. Patrick’s Day necklaces and St. Patrick’s Day pins to spiff up my St. Patrick’s Day outfit just a little bit. I just love making DIY jewelry using Shrinky Dinks! It’s a fun and lucky St. Patrick’s Day craft activity for kids that adults will love too. Keep reading to get …

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