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Martha Stewart Crafts™

I created several branded content posts for Martha Stewart Crafts™ to feature her newly-released products. Some of these posts have also included giveaways.


Painted spiderweb Halloween trick-or-treat candy bowl with Martha Stewart Crafts™


How to use the Martha Stewart Crafts™ Satin Spray Kit (and review)


DIY no-smudge chalkboard puzzles with Martha Stewart Crafts™

Make DIY no-smudge chalkboard puzzles using recycled wooden puzzles and chalk paint. Just draw or stencil a custom puzzle design; the liquid chalk stays put until you wash it off, re-use it again and again

Christmas DIY shortcuts with Martha Stewart Crafts™

DIY shortcuts with Martha Stewart Crafts

Additionally, I hosted a giveaway for Martha Stewart Home Office™ to celebrate the launch of her new line at Staples.