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Geometric Painted Pots Easy DIY Idea

Geometric painted pot DIY

Here’s an easy DIY geometric painted pots idea to get you in the mood for spring. This geometric painted planter is actually super easy to make yourself by hand. It may look complicated but it’s actually really simple for beginners. Keep reading to see how to make your own DIY painted pots in your favorite color combination!

Painted geometric planter with colorful triangles

This tutorial is part of the JOANN Fabric & Craft Stores® National Craft Month #craftmonthlove campaign. JOANN asked me to create an original DIY project idea for them that makes spring crafting easy to help celebrate National Craft Month. JOANN sponsored this post and all opinions are mine.

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Geometric patterns are everywhere this spring and I’m obsessed. I have been pinning geometric inspiration all over the place. Have you seen the huge paper geometric dinosaur that I made for my son’s birthday party? See, I told you that I’m obsessed! My favorite geometric patterns are asymmetrical ones like this one. And this one too. I wanted to make my own geometric creation for spring, and I’ll show you how you can make your own geometric plant pot!

How to paint geometric plant pots

This DIY geometric pot looks modern and intricate but is really easy for beginning painters to do. You can make your own geometric flower pot in an afternoon or evening and customize your own color combination to brighten up your spring.

Painted geometric planter with colorful triangles
Close up of painted triangle pattern

I don’t know about you but I’m more than ready for to kiss this cold weather goodbye. It’s been a brutal winter season here in Chicago — brutal with a Capital B. This DIY painted geometric planter was just the thing to help me forget how many times I shoveled snow this season. Hello, spring!

DIY painted geometric planter with plant

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Supplies for making a DIY Geometric Painted Pots and Planters:

(you can get it all at your local JOANN Fabric & Craft Store)

How to make DIY Geometric Painted Flower Pots:

Step 1: Prep your painting supplies

Gather your supplies. Clean off your planters or flower pot using an alcohol wipe and let it dry.

Supplies for painting flower pots

Step 3: Apply strips of painter’s tape to the flower pots

Place a strip of painter’s tape onto the self-healing cutting mat and cut 1/8″>craft knife and metal ruler. Tape from corner to corner and press firmly down to avoid paint seeping under the tape. I chose triangle shapes for this planter but you could use whatever shapes you like.

Flower pot with painter's tape to make triangles

The asymmetry means you can skip measuring and planning it out; just start making triangles and keep going. I actually like how the planter looks even with just the tape!

Plant pot with painter's tape to make triangles

My craft assistant, Elise, thought the tape made a good mustache and beard. Comedy and crafting, huzzah!

Elise with tape mustache and beard. Copyright Merriment Design Co. Do Not Use.

Step 3: Start painting your pots inside the geometric shapes

Next, paint triangles on the flower pot in two light coats. Be sure to use multi-surface craft paint for best results.

Painting triangles on plant pots

I used three coats of gold metallic paint on my geometric plant pots. I think it adds the right amount of shine to the planter.

How to paint geometric plant pots

Step 4: Remove paint strips from the planter

Now I’ve been told that it’s best to try to remove the strips from the flower pot when the paint is still dry. I must paint really slowly because my paint is almost always dry before I can peel it up.

How to paint geometric plant pots

I learned the hard way the last time that I painted ceramics to score the blue paint strips before peeling it back. Just run a craft knife slowly against the side of the painter’s tape and then gently pull it up. Go slowly here and you’ll avoid touch ups.

Peeling tape from painted plant pots

Step 5: Cure the paint on your planter or terracotta flower pot

Last step! Follow your paint instructions to cure the paint on your planter or terracotta flower pot. My multi-surface paint label said that it will air cure in 21 days OR bake in an oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Painting a planter with geometric shapes

You could also paint large terracotta plants or planters for outdoors too using outdoor paint. Tell me: What would you make with painted geometric shapes?


Be sure to pin this DIY painted geometric planter for later:

Geometric pots easy painted planter DIY

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Friday 4th of April 2014

gorgeous pattern and paint color choices! i just crafted a mini geometric succulent potter and am not satisfied with the shade of clay...i might just have to give these colors a go! Thank you so much for sharing--so inspiring as usual ;D Happy Weekend PS Pinned x4! lol