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Giving Tree Save the Date Wedding Announcements free printable save-the-date for Fall

How sweetly romantic is this save the date wedding announcement for Cristin Witcher and her fiance Adam Siegel’s fall Chicago nuptials?

Adam designed the whimsically simple letterpressed save-the-date announcement and matching tree branch mailing labels using The Giving Tree as his inspiration, a book that has special meaning to the couple. Their wedding website URL at the bottom of the card provides guests useful information about hotels, logistics and registry.

I love that the concept is so versatile. Use it for summer and spring weddings and showers by coloring the mailing label and invitation leaves in shades of green. Change the text for a children’s birthday party invitation with an eco-friendly theme.

Cristin and Adam have graciously shared their tree template here at Merriment for free with the request that anyone using the template post a comment below or email me to track its usage.

And you can also make yourself some Giving Tree Personalized Postage Stamps.


Free Giving Tree Save the Date Wedding Announcements Template for Fall

Download Cristin and Adam’s free template. Open in Adobe Illustrator to edit the file.

NOTE: If you don’t have Illustrator, there are several options. FedEx Office has Adobe Illustrator that you can use on their computers for a nominal fee. Alternatively, there is a 30-day trial version that you can download at Be sure to download and install the font too so that it looks OK, and print out all your copies before the 30 days expire. Also, save it as a PDF file in addition to the .AI extension so that you’ll have it in case you need to print more copies after the expiration. Lastly, either Cristin or I can update the file for you with your information; we would need to charge for our time. Anyone interested in that option please email me what you’re hoping to change and we can give you a quote.

Cristin and Adam had their announcements letterpressed. If printing yourself, adjust the file to print multiple announcements onto 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper and trim to size using your paper trimmer. Place in envelopes and seal.

Enter guest names into the Word document template and print in color on the Avery labels. Cristin says this was the hardest part of the whole deal. You’ll want to buy some extra labels to give yourself wiggle room to ensure it lines up cleanly. Cut labels on lines using your paper trimmer.

And to cute it up, I’ve designed matching Giving Tree Personalized Postage Stamps that you can customize and purchase from Zazzle.

Customized Giving Tree postage stamps

Cristin and Adam are getting married the same weekend where Shane and I did at A New Leaf. It’s a great space, especially in the fall. Congratulations, Cristin and Adam, and many thanks to you both!

Free Giving Tree Save the Date Wedding Announcements Template for Fall

COPYRIGHT NOTE: You’re more than welcome to use this project and pattern for your own personal use. Please post a comment below if you use the template so that Cristin and Adam can track its use. And share your own photos at the Facebook page, “I made it!” flickr photo gallery or tweet a picture to @merrimentdesign.


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284 Responses to “Giving Tree Save the Date Wedding Announcement for Fall”

  1. vitier skin Says:

    WOW just what I was searching for. Came here by
    searching for acne condition

  2. Janie Says:

    Thank you for this beautiful announcement card to announce the wedding date!

  3. Kathy Beymer Says:

    Michael, that sounds like a really nice update to the template. Glad that you could use this as a starting point. Congratulations on your engagement!

  4. Michael Says:

    Thanks so much for sharing. We’ll be modifying it a little for A7 sized invitations. We love the simple style.

  5. Lena Says:

    Thank you so much! Going to use it for our save the dates. Love the design.

  6. Sami Says:

    Being a teacher, I absolutely LOVE these and can’t wait to send them out. What a cute idea! Thank you!!!

  7. krystine Says:

    this is fabulous! im trying to figure out how to edit the calendar part. i have never used illustrator before – any help would be greatly appreciated! its perfect for our intimate nature wedding. :) thanks for sharing!

  8. Tory Says:

    thanks so much for sharing this. I have the save the date card all ready to go but I’m having trouble entering text into the address label template. Most of the time it won’t enter at all but when it does enter it’s above the tree. Any thoughts?

  9. Aimee Says:

    These were perfect for my sister’s rustic outdoor wedding theme. They came out perfect. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Kathy Beymer Says:

    You’re welcome, Bee! Enjoy :)

  11. Bee Says:

    Hi – I am just downloading this now – it looks amazing and I cannot wait to use it! THANK YOU so much!

  12. Kathy Beymer Says:

    Hi Nate and Michelle, sorry for the delay in responding. Did you get the template to work out for you OK?

  13. Nate and Michelle Says:


    Thank you for making this available to the rest of us! We are getting married at a place where the central theme is a willow tree- so this was a Godsend! Additionally this takes us both back to our childhood… We would love to use this template with your permission. We can probably do the adobe illustrator deal- however neither of us has used it before. Any advice is welcome!

    Thank you!
    Nate & Michelle

  14. Mary Says:

    We used this for our save the dates—brings up so many lovely memories of a great story. Thanks!!

  15. Michelle Says:

    Thanks so much! This is exactly what I have been wanting to match our nature themed wedding. You guys are so kind to share this beautiful save the date! :)

  16. Heidi Says:

    Awesome template! Thanks for sharing.

  17. megan Says:

    Love this! Just what I was looking for, THANK-YOU!!!

  18. Kristen Says:

    This is so cool! I’d like to grab it and use it for our save-the-dates. Thanks for putting it out there! :)

  19. Jeni & Melissa Says:

    Thank you so, so much for this template!!! I have already worked it up for our Save the Date mailout, and we’re also going to use it for our invitations!

    Our wedding is going to be completely nature-centered, and I (Jeni) am an artist that paints trees almost exclusively. I have always had an enormous connection with trees, and my partner and I are both extreme nature lovers. On top of that, The Giving Tree is one of our all-time favorite children’s books, so this could not have been more perfect.

    We had been searching for some time now for a tree-themed invitation that fit our personalities, and when I came across this one, we both fell in love with it! Thank you again for not only designing something so simple and beautiful, but for sharing it with the world.

    Jeni & Melissa

  20. Carlena Says:

    Thank you so much for the template! It is beautiful and just the thing for the save-the-dates for my fall Kentucky wedding next year! I just got finished editing it and it was super easy. Thanks again so much for this time saver!

  21. Maggie Says:

    Very cute! I’m a teacher and this would be perfect for our save the date. Thanks!

  22. Scott Spicer Says:

    Thank you Cristin and Adam greatly for this wonderful template! I am a big fan of The Giving Tree and appreciate the values of the story. Thus far, we used the template (with a bit of modding) for our Save-the-Date’s, invites, bridal shower, on our wedding website, and we are even planning to use it for our wedding program! I saw the cover of another wedding program using a derivative of this template, but unfortunately not the back or inside, so it would be great to see some wedding programs examples. At any rate, this is the perfect theme for our fall, rustic farm, wedding coming up in at the end of Sept.


  23. Ashley Says:

    Love this so cute. I am using it for a work project as save the dates for a serving project training we do. I loved the idea of the giving to tree to go along with having people come and give their time learning about new ways to serve and give!

  24. Danni Johnson Says:

    Would love to try out the template for our Sept wedding!

  25. Jillian Says:

    Downloading this template to play with to see if I can use it for my invites. Love it…Thank you !

  26. Silvina Says:

    hello, good design! very nice, I love it! is just what I’m looking for my wedding! Especially for the save the date … I love it!
    Thank you very much for publishing ..

  27. ann Says:

    Just used this template! Came out AMAZING! Thank you SO much!!!!!!!!! You are so giving and wonderful :)!

  28. Sarah Says:

    Thanks for the template! I love it!!

  29. العاب جديدة Says:

    I just say what a relief to find someone who actually knows what theyre discussing on the web. You need to learn how to bring an issue to light making it important. Lots more people need to check this out and see why side with the story. I cant believe youre not more popular since you definitely hold the gift.

  30. T&C Dusey Says:

    Thank you for sharing your creation. The luna font matches our corky personalities.

  31. Nicole Says:

    This design is just perfect for what I was looking for.
    Can someone help me with how to change the date section?


  32. barbara rivas Says:

    Thank you for the template. We are using it for our Librarian of the Year Banquet Save the Date. Thanks.

  33. Andrea Says:

    What a great design! And thank you so much for offering this to the rest of the world. We’re using it for our Save the Dates with some modifications–resized to be used as a postcard and changed the colors to match our theme. Thanks again!

  34. Sarah Gibson Says:

    We love the template and plan to use it for our save-the-dates. Is there a way to edit the address labels to color the leaves green?

    Thank you!

  35. ashley Says:

    Hi! I loved these so much I had to share! I linked your Save the Dates on my blog.


  36. Kayla Says:

    Love this save the date! Showing it to a friend who is getting married in an apple orchard to possibly use for her save the dates! Thank You for the freebie!

  37. Lisa Says:

    Hi I just wanted to say that this is one of my favorite books of all time. I wasn’t going to do the Save the Dates for my wedding this summer but when I saw this I just had to…Thank you so much for making this available!

  38. Sarah Howard Says:

    I downloaded the font and used the general format, but drew my own boarder inspired by UP! Wanted to give credit for the idea :)

  39. Todd Says:

    Thanks for the idea, we ended up using them for our save the dates!

  40. Stephanie Says:

    Thank you so much for the template. I absolutely love it and was hoping you may have created the whole set! (Including the wedding invitation, response card etc.) I downloaded the font from the site and edited the invitation using PAINT. It was easy and looks great! I am yet to print them but they look good on screen.
    Thanks again for sharing this lovely save the date template.
    All the best,

  41. Kathy Beymer Says:

    Gill, that’s great! Have a very happy wedding and please stop by again soon.

  42. Gill Roberts Says:

    We have used this template for our save the dates and invitations, so useful! Thanks for sharing the love!

  43. Anna Says:


    I was wondering how much you would charge to update the file with my own wedding info? Please email me with a quote or any questions. Thank you.

  44. Kathy Beymer Says:

    Hi Jess, I’ll email you with the details. Thanks!

  45. Jess L Says:

    I cannot get Adobe Illustrator to download onto my computer. How much would it cost to have you change things around to fit my needs?

  46. Ashley Says:

    My fiancee actually said, “How cool would it be if we could find The Giving Tree invites?” I think I just found an awesome alternative. Thanks!

  47. Kathy Beymer Says:

    Hi Katrina, it sounds really pretty and I’d love if you would want to share it with merriment readers. You can upload a photo to our flickr group:

    And congratulations!

  48. Katrina Says:

    I just want to thank you for posting all of the information & templates for this. We are using these as our save the dates. We have a limited budget & this saved us a ton!!

    Since I have some knowledge of Illustrator, I was able to change the colors to match my wedding colors (purple, green, and accents of deep orange) and will be printing them on gray paper. If you’d like to see it I can send you the pdf file! THANK YOU!!!!!

  49. Mo Says:

    Hey! I’m not 100% sure we’re using these yet (I’m downloading and fiddling) but I didn’t want to forget to tell you in case we do. Thank you so much for sharing the template and instructions, they match our invites really well and I was kind of wanting to do something DIY for our Save the Dates!

  50. Rita Says:

    Thanks so much for this! Super cute!

  51. rachel Says:

    Thank you so much! I’m going to test it out!

  52. Mackenzi Says:

    Thank you SO much for this free template! I love The Giving Tree and this ‘Save the Date’ idea! It’s so unique and just beautiful!

  53. Beth Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your designs with us! I also have a special place in my heart for ‘The Giving Tree’ and I’m also planning my small intimate wedding on a very humble budget. So finding this template and sending out DIY invites that I was in love with was so much fun! What a wonderful talent you have, and a generous spirit to share it with the world. You are blessing many! My wedding is in 33 days, so I used the template for my actual invitations. Everyone loves them :)

  54. Chloe Says:

    I saved this template, but have not yet used it. Will repost when used! Thanks for allowing us all to use this great save the date.

  55. Angela Says:

    Thank you for making this available…and for free! Silverstein books were a large part of my childhood. This is a great tie-in!

  56. Jodie J Says:

    Thank you SO much for the lovely template to use!! I grew up with “The Giving Tree” and it has very special meaning for me as well. Very excited to have it be part of my big day!! Thank you again!!

  57. Catherine Says:

    this is awesome thanks!!

  58. Emma Says:

    Thank-you for sharing this beautiful template. It was exactly what I was looking for.

  59. Ali Says:

    Im one of those “crazy” girls looking at wedding invites before my bf pops the big ? (don’t worry- he has NO clue). I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to use this save the date when the BIG day finally gets here.

  60. Allison Says:

    This is, hands down, the most adorable save the date idea I have come across in my almost obsessive browsing of wedding blogs! Thank you guys so, so much for the opportunity to share in your creativity.

  61. Kathy Beymer Says:

    Hey Cait! This sounds adorable. Can’t wait to see the photos.

  62. Mary C Says:

    Thank you soooo much for sharing this template. It is gorgeous and so perfect for my early fall wedding! :)

  63. Cait Says:

    We used the template for our outdoor wedding October 2011. We found this great recycled paper by Mr. Ellie Pooh. We did a 5×7 flat invite using the tree (altered the branch a little to bring it all the way across the top of the invite). We also used your label template and incorporated the tree in to our RSVP postcards. As soon as we have some good photos I will upload them! Thanks again so happy we found this!!!

  64. Wee-Yong & Ann Says:

    We love the save-the-date template…so simple and elegant…thank you so much for sharing it!

  65. Jackie Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this lovely template! Our invitations were similar and I was looking for a potential program design and this is perfect!

  66. Laura&Peter Says:

    Thank you!! We just sent out our save the dates for our wedding in November. They are just so sweet. I didn’t even want to send them…I wanted to keep them. Thank you!

  67. Joy Says:

    What a great idea! And thank you for making it free for everyone to use. Trinity Place Shelter (for homeless LGBTQ youth) is using the Giving Tree Save the Dates for its 5th anniversary celebration! The Giving Tree Save the Date template is perfect for expressing both the shelter’s gifts to the youth it serves but also the wonderful way that our community has supported us, so thank you again!

  68. Heather Says:

    I used this template for my small casual wedding in August. I love the simplicity and its cute little loveheart in the tree. Just want I needed.

    Thank you again so much!!!

  69. Gill and Adam Says:

    Adobe illustrator trial worked for us- manage to get a friend to help and change the calander, colour leaves etc. so it’s all possible- we just didn’t know how!
    Fantastic, thanks so much for sharing, had lots of nice comments already and we only sent them last night!

    G & A xxx

  70. Emmy Says:

    i love this! thank you so much! :)

  71. Kathy Beymer Says:

    Alyssa, you’re welcome! Congrats to you and Megan.

  72. Alyssa Says:

    My fiancee Megan and I are using these for our invitations and we love them! Thank you!

  73. Kathy Beymer Says:

    Jennie, what a lovely story! I’m sure it will be a beautiful ceremony. Congrats to you!

  74. Jennie Gylfason Says:

    Thank you so much for the template. We will be married on Oct 16, 2011 in our city New Orleans, La. Our ceremony will be under a 300+ year old oak tree in Audubon Park.
    Blessed Be.

  75. Ashlee Says:

    This template is perfect for our wedding! We are getting married this September and wanted something very simple. We will be using the template, thank you so much for sharing!!

  76. Noelle Says:


    I LOVE this Giving Tree Save The Date. I want to do email Save The Dates to cut back on paper usage and costs. Can you please maybe send me a blank copy or add the following:

    noelle and roel

    date: 3 march 2012

    no website for us so at the bottom maybe put: contact noelle at

    Thank you soooo much!



  77. Kathy Beymer Says:

    Hi Miranda, currently Adobe Illustrator is the only way to edit it but you can download a free trial copy.

  78. MIRANDA Says:

    Hi, are there any other ways to edit this template besides adobe illustrator?

  79. JaneM Says:

    Hello. I am using the template for my save-the-dates. Thank you so much for sharing! Our theme for our summer wedding is based off a line from my favorite poem by Joyce Kilmer: “I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree.” So this is perfect!
    I will upload to I Made It as soon as all are printed and ready to go. Thanks again for being so generous and sharing your great idea and hard work!

  80. Laura & Mark Says:

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful design! We’re using it for our wedding this summer and it is a perfect blend of my love of literature and his childhood favourite book!

  81. Heather M Says:

    As a child, this was my all time favorite book!! My late grandpa used to read it to me everytime I went to visit him!! I would love to use this template for my wedding!! It’s simple yet perfect!!!

  82. Lily Says:

    Simple and chic.. Thanks so much.. Love it!

  83. Tim Says:

    We revamped the card for use as an invitation for our spring wedding, and everyone has loved it. We linked back here from our wedding website (the design of which was also informed by this concept), as to give credit where credit is due for these fantastic ideas!

  84. Shannon Says:

    Loved it! Thank you so much for allowing us to download the template!

  85. Jolene Says:

    Thanks so much for sharing! You guys hit the nail on the head!

  86. Alex Lee Says:

    Brilliant.. simply brilliant

  87. Galen Ross Says:

    This save the date card is awesome. Simple, but makes a bold statement.

  88. Michelle Says:

    It’s really cute & sweet… absolutely love it!!! Great idea to use for my wedding :)

  89. linda Says:

    love this. will be using it for my save the date!

  90. elle Says:

    i will be using these for our spring wedding! thanks so much for sharing, u are lifesavers!!

  91. Natalie Says:

    Thanks for the awesome design! Using it for my Fall 2011 wedding, we’re getting married under a tree, so this is perfect!!

  92. Stephanie Says:

    Thank you very much for this design. I have adapted it to use for our Dec 2011 wedding in the southern hemispere :)

  93. Stephanie Says:

    Thank you very mush for this template, its absoloutly gorgeous! have adapted to use for our Dec 2011 wedding.

  94. Alisa Says:

    Absolutely love this template! Thanks for sharing it. We will be using it for our Save The Date. We are planning a fall wedding with a rustic look. This is so perfect as we are also going to use the thumbprint guest book. If you haven’t seen these they are very unique, just google it =)

  95. Kathy Beymer Says:

    You will need to download Adobe Illustrator for the card, open it up, and use the palette to change the colors – you will see squares for outlines and fills. If you’re new to Illustrator I’d recommend searching for some “getting started” Illustrator tutorials online. It would be difficult to change the color on the Word labels because the image is embedded.

  96. GSO Says:


    This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! I can’t, however, figure out how to change the colors of the leaves on either the card or the labels. Any tips?

  97. Kathy Beymer Says:

    So cute! I like how you personalized it to your venue. Please add it to my brand spankin’ new “I made it!” flickr group – Congrats on your engagement!

  98. Laura Says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your save the date design! Its just perfect for the small, informal, family wedding we’re having in May. It adapted very well for our needs and I was able to use supplies I had on hand, keeping my expenses to nothing more than stamps.

    I’m hoping to use the design in an idea I have for our broader mailing of announcements as well. Thanks again!

  99. Angela Marsh Says:

    Can’t wait to print these. They will be perfect for my October 15,2011 wedding.

  100. laurieG Says:

    cannot thank you enough for sharing this sweet save*the*date… we are just beginning to dream our wedding into being- 9th of april 2011 – in a post&beam lodge on a lake in a park nearby – not much time to plan & a baby on the way, so keeping things simple&sweet. thankfully everything seems to be coming along magically- including discovering this. a long*time lover of the giving tree, i was thrilled to find this. thank you for your creativity, inspiration & generosity of heart in sharing this- we sent it out last nite & have gotten a beautiful response.

  101. mel Says:

    We plan to use these for our September, 2011 wedding. Thank you so much or sharing!

  102. Tati Says:

    Maravilhosa a ideia e a criatividade genial. Simples e Belo, vamos usar para a nosso casamento q sera na primavera

  103. lindsay Says:

    thanks so much! i love it and will be using it for our june wedding. it’s perfect since we’re getting married under a giant tree. =)

  104. Misty Says:

    I made a bookmark using this wonderful template for one of my education classes. It worked perfectly and I look forward to sharing the finished product with my classmates and my future students.
    Thank you so much!

  105. Aubri Says:

    Thanks for sharing this!! I’m so excited to adapt these into our save the dates and invites for our spring wedding :)

  106. T Says:

    I used the template for my save-the-dates, and may carry the theme to the invitations. Thank you so much for sharing it!

  107. is4 Says:

    Thank you for the template! The design is so beautiful and plan to use them as my save the date. Thanks again!

  108. Lisa Says:

    Hi there
    I have used this template for our wedding save the dates by downloading a free trial of Adobe Illustrator. It’s perfect for opur Autumn wedding! Even for me who is a bit useless at design programmes it was really easy to change the details for our own names and dates as well as changing the colous to suit our scheme. Thanks you for making it available for those of us that like to ‘give it a go’ ourselves!

  109. Anais Says:

    Merci d’une future mariée française! Thanks so much for charing . I would love to use it for my wedding next year in France. Love, love, love it!!

  110. Megan M Says:

    This template is absolutely perfect for my upcoming wedding. The Giving Tree holds such a special place in my family’s heart and also fits with our very natural and outdoorsy vibe.

    I’d love to know if anyone on here has printed these via an online printing service, and if so, which one? just taking a quick look around, i didnt see that many that printed on this size paper, but it was just a quick look.

    Thanks again for the template and for the input RE printing!

  111. Adrian Says:

    These are amazing! I’ve been playing around with them and plan on using them for our Save the Dates! Thank you so much!

  112. julie Says:

    Gracias desde españa de parte de una profesora/escritora super fan del libro THE GIVING TREE…I would like to adapt the template to use with my pupils to remind them of important dates like EARTH DAY APRIL 22…..thank you for sharing!!!

  113. hannah Says:

    I have had this card saved on my computer forever and am still so in love with it! i am going to use it just as a promotional page on my blog, for a special i am running as a photographer. I wanted to give credit where credit was due and went searching online for where to do so.
    Thank you for your wonderful art, I just love this so much :)

  114. Laura Says:

    These are adorable. I am going to use these save the dates for an event I have coming up in November! thanks for sharing!

  115. Laci Says:

    LOVE this. I’m so excited to use it as my save the date. Thank you for making it public and free!!

  116. Renee Says:

    I am trying to use these! They are great! Thank you so much! :)

  117. Tisha Says:

    thank you so much! love this!
    so original!

  118. Shawna Says:

    Thank You for sharing such a great save the date! I found a nice font I liked on Then I bought green craft paper and cut out the leaves and glued them on. Used a green gel pen for grass around the base of the tree. Turned out good for my summer wedding!

  119. Suzy Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this template! I have used it for my fiances’ 30th and they look amazing!

  120. jlc12118 Says:

    Thanks so much! This may work perfect, with a tweak or two, for my programs!

  121. Tim Says:

    Glad I caught that, then, Kathy!

    I’ve been playing with these templates for a while today, and I’m having a great time with them. I’m not what you’d call a “design expert”, though, and I have a question about the address label template.

    You mentioned in the description that the leaves could be changed to green or some other springy color for a spring/summer wedding. While I think I can manage that on the save-the-date, I’m not sure about the best way to adjust the color in the label template.

    I appreciate any guidance you can offer. This is turning into a wonderful project!

  122. Kathy Beymer Says:

    Hi Tim, no, it’s actually not. They’ve taken it and claimed it as their own, which is a major no-no. Thanks for drawing my attention to it; I’ve notified them to take it down. That said, you’re more than welcome to download the free template on and use it for your own personal use for free. Please email me if you have any questions or if I can help in any way, and thank you so much for your comment!

  123. Tim Says:

    hey guys,

    love the save-the-date. out of curiosity, is this ( your work as well?

    if it IS, we were considering using it for our wedding.

    if it ISN’T, you probably have some things to discuss with whomever it belongs to, as that invite appeared after this save-the-date.

  124. Kayla Says:

    Nevermind….I did it!!! Thank you sooo much for your help, and the template!! My wedding invites look great!!!

  125. Kayla Says:

    I have the whole thing edited the way I want except for the font, but every time I try to get the font, it says “Luna.ttf is the wrong format and cannot be opened.” Is there something I’m doing wrong?

  126. Kathy Beymer Says:

    Hi Kayla, what specific problems are you having with the font? You can google how to install fonts on your PC or Mac and use my link to download the font for free. I just posted a reply in this thread to Ash with some Adobe Illustrator tips. Let me know if that helps! Kathy

  127. Kayla Says:

    Im planning on using these for my October wedding in Ky, but I am having trouble editing the calendar and getting the font…am I the only one? If anyone has any tips I would appreciate it!!!

  128. Amber Says:

    Thank you so much for posting the tutorial & template! My fiance and I are going to use these Save-The-Date cards for our wedding in the fall. They are super cute- thanks for sharing!!!

  129. Cara Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this template! I used it for my save the dates and I’m so happy with how they turned out!

  130. Kathy Beymer Says:

    Wow, @Jenny. Toasting flutes? Madlib souvenirs? What a fun wedding! I love how you took the template and ran with it. Would love to see photos if you have them posted anywhere. Thanks for stopping by!

  131. Ashly Says:

    Awesome I love this!! I am using this for a reunion. Thank you!

  132. Jenny Says:

    Thanks for sharing this great template! My fiance and I customized with birds (for our bird/nature themed wedding) and used it for our announcements, et al., and used the design as inspiration for a great artist on to engrave on some toasting flutes. Also used the design on some madlibs we created as fun projects/souvenirs for our guests to take home. Thanks again!

  133. Bethanie Says:

    I just sent out these save the dates and I’ve so many phone calls, emails and facebook comments about how they’re the best cards they’ve ever seen! Thank you again so much!

  134. Heather Merrill Says:

    Just used this for the invite for a friend’s bridal shower, (and emailed it to save trees). Thank you for sharing it! It’s lovely, and perfect for my friend.

  135. RC Says:

    I will use these for our announcements. Thanks for sharing it!

  136. Naysa Says:

    We just had this printed and mailed for our save the date and the guests LOVED it. I had my brother update the design slightly to personalize it with our colors, etc. Thank you so much for the template and inspiration!

    If you are looking for an amazing quality, reasonably priced letterpress printer, I can’t recommend Twin Ravens Press enough.

  137. Cheryl Says:

    Love this design!!!! I am having trouble editing the calendar ….help.

  138. Grace Cheng Says:

    Thank you very much for sharing this. Might use it for our Save the Date. :)

  139. Simpler Living Says:

    My fiance and I are using this for our Save The Dates, and we love them. Thank you so much for sharing. What a wonderful way to spread the “Giving Tree” message. I’m planning on writing a post about it for my readers.

  140. Alison Says:

    Thanks again for featuring another awesome project. I shared this with my readers on my blog.

  141. Carrie Says:

    Using these as save the dates for our September wedding. My father gave my mother a copy of “The Giving Tree” on their wedding day, and I am giving them a copy on my wedding day. To say the least, the book has great meaning in our family and, thus, these will be perfect.

  142. Kathy Beymer Says:

    @Rachael That’s a great way to reuse it. Happy graduation!

  143. Rachael Says:

    I’ve actually customized this template to use for my graduation announcements. I love it. Thank you so much for making this beautiful invitation.

  144. Natalie Says:

    these are perfect for our fall wedding! thanks!

  145. Amy Says:

    I love this- thank you so much for sharing this. It’s perfect for our mountaintop wedding in the spring

  146. stephanie Says:

    thanks! this is sooo cute! :D

  147. jennifer Says:

    thanks SO much for sharing. this is perfect for our upcoming wedding in a park surrounded by tress. i’ve already received many compliments on it. thanks so much!!!

  148. Laurel Says:

    Absolutely love this template! Thanks for sharing it. We are using if for an email save the date and a printed invite.

  149. lee Says:

    love it – absolutely perfect.
    thanks for sharing!!
    all the best!!

  150. Rachel Says:

    Love this! thanks so much for posting it. My fiancee and I will be using it for our save the dates.

  151. Taylor Cansler Says:

    Thanks so much for the template! I love The Giving Tree. My mother read it to me when I was little. We are doing a tree themed wedding on Oct. 30th so this will be perfect!! Thank you so much

  152. Shona Says:

    This Save the Date is SO perfect! I was trying to use illustrator for the first time to make one of my own…and then I found yours! I really appreciate you sharing your design. Thanks!

  153. Elizabeth Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful template. It’s fits our style perfectly! I’m excited to use it for our STD’s!!

  154. Bethanie Says:

    This was my absolute favorite book growing up! I was beyond excited to stumble upon this website when looking for save-the-dates. Thank you so much!

  155. lily Says:

    I LOVE this template. This design is so sweet and simple. Thank you for sharing the joy in allowing us to use the template for our save the date.

  156. Sarah S. Says:

    Thank you so much for this idea! We are getting married in September and will use these for our save the dates. They are so simple and sweet! Thank you so much.

  157. Kelsey Says:

    My fiance’s grandmother gave him this book just before she died when he was 6 years old. This book is very near and dear to his heart and your template will be a great sentimental piece in our wedding. Thank you so much for making it available.

  158. Dan Bell Says:

    These the most perfect save the dates in the world. Many thanks for making this available for us.

  159. Brian M Says:

    This is the perfect template for my save the date cards. The story says it all.

  160. Brandi Says:

    Love this template! My fiance and I are getting married in October in our backyard which has a lot of large oak trees… I was trying to find a way to tie our location in to the save the dates & found this template. It’s so simple & so cute!

  161. Anna Honaker Says:

    I love this! I was googling images from that book to use for my fiance my save the dates and this popped up!

    Thanks for being so generous with your creative idea : )

  162. Sarah Says:

    I would love to use this template for my save the date cards. What an absolute cute idea…so creative! Thanks

  163. Christine Says:

    So excited about using this! It is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for!

  164. Gisela Says:

    Thank you so much for this template! It will be perfect for our outdoor wedding! I love it!

  165. Lauren Says:

    Thanks for the great template! I love this idea, I am going to use it for my save the date!

  166. Rebecca Says:

    Thank you for sharing the template! We will be using this for our electronic save the date. It is perfect!!

  167. Heather Says:

    Thank you so much for this template! I was looking for something simple and yet elegant and you have done it!

  168. jessie Says:

    thank you so much! i love that book and we are having a bird/nature themed wedding. couldn’t be more perfect!

  169. Beth Says:

    Thank you so much for the template! It’s beautiful. We are tentatively planning to use it for our rustic, outdoor barn wedding. Thanks so much!

  170. C Says:

    I absolutely love this design and my fiance and I have agreed to use it as our save the dates for our Fall wedding. The only problem I am having, is working the envelope template. Can anyone please be kind enough to explain how to work the template? I would appreciate it.

  171. Melissa Says:

    I will be using this. Thanks

  172. Kathy Beymer Says:

    Hi Amy, is there something specific you’re having trouble with? You’ll be using the text tool the most to make your changes. Click on the individual text area, delete and replace. You can also search for general Adobe Illustrator instructions …there are a lot of good Illustrator how tos out there. Come back and let everyone know what you find!

  173. Amy Says:

    I love this save the date! I am trying to make mine by using the adobe illustrator trial, but I can’t quite seem to figure it out. any advice?

  174. Christi Says:

    Thanks! These are great!

  175. Veronica Says:

    Thanks! This is so beautiful! I love the template! :)

  176. Megpie Says:

    thank you so much…it’s the perfect save the date. i’m hoping to use it for our august wedding

  177. Rosie Says:

    Cambodian Student Association of CSUF adopted this template and theme for our 2nd Annual Thanksgiving Potluck this year.

    This is such a wonderful concept, we couldn’t have passed it up!

    Thank you!

  178. Emily Deakins Says:

    We’re using your beautiful design for our August, 2010 wedding in Tennessee! Thank you!!!

  179. Janice Says:

    We are using your Save the Date design for our Michigan wedding. Thank you!

  180. Tiffany Says:

    Amazing! Will be using this for our Save the dates!

  181. Jade Says:

    Love the save the dates they look fantastic!! I am printing them myself and having trouble printing 3 to a page help! I am using CS3

  182. Avery Says:

    Love this. Planning to use for our Save the dates. Thank you!

  183. Melissa Says:

    Thanks so much! I love this cute sate the date and will be a hit. I’m so glad you posted and allowed us to borrow the idea!

  184. Maggie Says:

    This is amazing! Just what I was looking for! Thank you so much with sharing these amazing Save-the-Dates. My fiance and I will cherish your artwork.

  185. jp Says:

    I LOVE these Save The Dates! And I am planning on using them. I had great success using the Illustrator, even though it was my first time, and it was a little intimidating. Shel Silverstein is partly responsible for my falling in love with my fiancee. I have a Shel tattoo, and the first time that my fiancee and I hung out, we got to talking about it. And it turned out he loves Shel too, and he had a bunch of songs in his Itunes of Shel Silverstein songs. Over that weekend he burned me a copy, and left it on my desk at work. That Monday morning when I saw the CD, I knew he was a keeper!

  186. Mary Says:

    Love the idea, but can’t get the envelope labels to work :(…is there a trick to getting the text on them?…would appreciate the help lots!

  187. Mary Sanders Says:

    Excellent. My fiance and I will be using this as our save the date. He loves the giving tree, one of his favorite books. So glad I found this! Thank You!

  188. Ben Yoder Says:

    Thanks for a great, simple, and creative idea!

  189. Susan Says:

    I love this idea! We are going to use it for our summer wedding in Virginia! Thanks so much for sharing!

  190. LCIPaper Says:

    Thank you for sharing this! I love this book and the design. It is appropriate for so many occasions. I wrote a blog article about it as well to pass on this wonderful idea!

  191. Mallory S. Says:

    My fiance’ and I are HUGE “Giving Tree” fans, all whilst we were growing up and still today. Our wedding is coming up in 6 1/2 months and we needed a save-the-date like, now. This is perfect. Thank you SO much for sharing!

  192. Lauren Says:

    I love this, we are using this template for our spring wedding and running with the tree theme!

  193. Aislinn Says:

    Woop! So excited about using this template for our e-mail save-the-dates!

    Ours is a spring wedding, but we still LOVE the tree motif.


  194. Cait Says:

    AMAZING! This Save the Date is incredible. Many thanks to Adam and Cristin for being so creative and extremely thoughtful when they shared this with all of us! I couldn’t be happier right now!

    I am having trouble downloading the font though and would appreciate any help you could provide. I have downloaded it successfully but am wondering how do I get it to show up in word? Usually I don’t have such trouble with computers…perhaps it is because I am so flustered by this beautiful save the date and heartwarming generosity of two wonderful people!

  195. April Says:

    I have been searching for months for something rustic, charming, nature oriented and inexpensive; FINALLY, I have found what I was looking for! Thank you!

  196. Sarah Says:

    Thanks so much for sharing! I love this Save the Date!! Anywhere where you can lower costs on a DIY is great too. Thank you for being so generous! :)

  197. littlebride Says:

    this is SO cute! i may end up using this for my save the date! thank you!

  198. Si Jian Says:

    The Giving Tree is one of my all-time favourite stories, and I love Shel Silverstein’s poetry and illustrations. I’m using this template for my wedding invitation (over here in Singapore, we don’t usually send out Save the Date notices). Thank you for being so generous and helping to make our wedding especially meaningful!

  199. San Says:

    Thank you so much! These are great!

  200. angelica Says:

    I like the concept of the calendar and 3. I don’t have adobe illustrator to edit it but I would like to use the concept and use other three and calendar style.


  201. Jen Skip Says:

    My friend and I are going to use this awesome template for a baby shower!! The mom-to-be’s fav childhood book is the Giving Tree!

    Thanks so much, what a wonderful idea that is elegantly executed!

  202. Ericka Says:

    Me and my fiance loved the template. Considering in possibly using it.

  203. Kate Says:

    It’s completely lovely. I hope to use it–thanks!

  204. Megan Says:

    Thank you so much for this template!!!! I’m not getting married now, but I’ll definitely be hanging on to it to use when the time comes!

  205. Kathy @ Says:

    Hi Ashley, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator are different programs. It would probably be easiest for you to download a 30-day trial copy of Illustrator and change it that way. While it’s certainly possible to do it in Photoshop, if you’re new to the program it may be challenging. (If you want to try it, select your marquee tool, highlight and delete out the text you don’t want, and then use the type tool to add your own copy). Hope that helps!

  206. ashley Says:

    I want to thank you for letting anyone take this wonderful template for their own. I just recently got adobe photoshop but I don’t know if photoshop and illustrator are the same thing. Anyways I can get the image on the adobe program but I just can’t figure out for the life of me how to put both me and my fiancee’s names and wedding date on there. I’m not a computer wizz or anything so it’s probably right in front of me, ya just my luck. Any help would be very much appreciated.

  207. Lucia Says:

    I used these templates! Fell in love w/ the sweet design. Thanks for posting and sharing.

  208. Kathy Beymer Says:

    Hi Jameelah, several other people have had the same question. Simply scroll through the other comments and you’ll see that you have several options – either download the trial version, go to FedEx Kinko’s, or I can put you in contact with Cristin to make the changes for you based on an hourly fee. Congratulations on your engagement!

  209. Jameelah Says:

    I really want to use these save-the-dates, but I don’t have Adobe Illustrator…what do I do? Thanks!

  210. Tenille Says:

    Hi there.

    i used this for a family get together and posted some link love on my blog post. thanks so much for designing such a fun invite.

  211. Alison Says:

    Love this template!! I plan to post this Saturday with a direct link to this post.

  212. rellis Says:

    We used this design for our save-the-date cards. THANK YOU for the design and files! They have been a big hit. Getting Illustrator to cooperate was an interesting experience (I’m not a graphic artist), but I managed to get enough out of it to make our wedding website use the theme as well.

  213. Cindy Says:

    I have loved this book since I was a teenager.

  214. Kathy Beymer Says:

    Hi Thuy, I think that’s a really creative way to make the template your own. Yes, there are some suggestions in previous comments about what to do if you don’t have Illustrator so I recommend scrolling back through them. For instance, you can download the trial version for 30 days, or you can go to Kinko’s. Please take a look and I’d love to see how it all turns out!

  215. Thuy Says:

    Hi there–
    The giving tree is my favorite book and it would be great to use this template as part of our save the date. We were hoping to make a magnet of it, but I do not have Illustrator and therefore cannot edit it. Can you give me some other suggestions? I really do appreciate it.

    Thank you.

  216. Kathy Beymer Says:

    Hi Amy T, thanks so much for your kind comment! I passed it onto Cristin and Adam and they are thrilled to hear it. And eco- and budget-friendly sounds right up our alley so please consider sharing any crafting things that you might make for your big day. I’ll post it and give you all the credit, of course.

  217. Amy T Says:

    How appropriate for The Giving Tree-inspired images… I stumbled across this page and my heart fluttered. WHERE did someone get Giving Tree wedding stationery?! I quickly scrolled down expecting to see a custom-designer link (and price tag), only to find FREE DOWNLOAD. Amazing! I am so thrilled! My fiance and I are planning an eco- and budget-friendly wedding that really works to give back (we’re using local vendors, making a donation in lieu of favors, etc.) Stumbling across this page seems like fate:-)

    Thank you, again, for sharing!

  218. MK Says:

    We are definitely using this template — it fits perfectly for us because this book also has a special meaning in our relationship. It was the first gift he ever gave me! Thanks for sharing this template :)

  219. BEL19 Says:

    Amazing!! I’m hoping to use some of the elements of this design in our invites!

  220. Jenny Rain Says:

    Thank you so much for this design! My fiance and I have used it for our wedding program (modified into a foldable 4 pg design). We love it – I have shown your website to all of my friends :) Jenny

  221. Tamara Says:

    hi there i love this project and hope to use it too! thank you so much for such a wonderful idea!

  222. krista w Says:

    i love this and it goes so well with our wedding theme. thank you very much for being so generous!!

  223. Kathy Beymer Says:

    Hi Cris, yes and yes! Thanks for letting me know you’re using it …it totally makes me happy when people take Merriment things and make them their own. Hope your sister enjoys it!

  224. Kathy Beymer Says:

    Hi Michelle, thanks to you for commenting and pointing me over to Kellie’s super fun poster adaptation of this save the date. The whole theme of is to ‘Craft and Pass It On’ and Kellie’s poster is a fantastic example of just that. Enjoy your free poster!

  225. Michelle Says:

    I love this! I am using it for a different purpose… to make a poster. I got the link and idea from Kelli’s site…

    Thank you!

  226. cris Says:

    thanks so much for sharing this…I hope its okay – I’m passing it on through my (non-profitible) budget wedding website. I’m also planning to remove the text and enlarge this for a birthday gift for my sister – The Giving Tree is her all time favorite book.

  227. Lisa Says:

    Right now the adobe website is not working properly. You can use a free 15 day trial of Corel Draw and I did this in one day! thanks so much for the template!

  228. Kellie Says:

    Wow! What a great idea! Thanks for sharing the template with us. I actually tweaked it a bit and used it as wall art. See my post on my blog about it:

  229. Lorenna Says:

    I love the giving tree! This is such a cute idea!

  230. Manda K. Says:

    i am so in love with this design. It’s amazing! I’m definately bookmarking this. thank you so much for making this available to the world!

  231. Kathy Beymer Says:

    Hi Sarah, here’s where to find the Adobe Illustrator CS4 trial. Roll over the product name, click “try”, register, download and install. You’ll have 30 days before it locks. Congratulations on your engagement! Kathy

  232. Sarah Says:

    Where do you find the 30 day trial?

  233. Kathy Beymer Says:

    Hi Sarah, yes. You can download the 30 day trial or go to your local FedEx Office or other local business center and use it by the hour. Thanks for stopping by! Kathy

  234. Sarah Says:

    I love this template, and would like to use it for my save the dates. But that Adobe Illustrator is really expensive. Any way around that? Thank you!!!

  235. Nicole Says:

    Adam and Cristin, I want to thank you for your generosity of sharing such a beautiful design for other couples to use. I’m so happy to use it for my save-the-dates, and appreciate you making it so easy to do so!

  236. Rose Says:

    These are absolutely perfect! These save the dates fit perfectly with the wedding my fiance and I are planning!

  237. IntimateWeddings Says:

    Hi Kathy. Your blog is fabulous. I spent the better part of the evening going through the archives.
    I just blogged about The Giving Tree save the dates this morning. Thanks for sharing!

  238. Kathy Beymer Says:

    Fabulous! Shane and I lived in Sydney for a year and I am a HUGE fan of Australia so the thought of you using the template totally makes me smile. Thanks for writing!

  239. al in Melbourne Says:

    This is beautiful!! As bridesmaid I said I’d help out with my friends’ invites and something very similar to this is just perfect for my outdoorsy, green conscious & low-maintenance mates :)

  240. Alyssa Says:

    I’d LOVE to use this. This template AND this site are my two new favorite things. Love love LOVE it. (Did I say I love it? Maybe I need to say it once more just in case….LOVE IT!)

  241. Erica Says:

    Here’s a shout out to Cristin and Adam on my blog, thanks again for the template!

  242. Thomas and Angela Says:

    Thanks for sharing the template!

  243. Erica Says:

    Does anyone have the Luna regular font for this Giving tree save-the-date template?

  244. MandM Says:

    Thank you for the template. It’s perfect for our fall wedding!

  245. natalie Says:

    I am having a fall wedding, and have been looking for a unique save the date idea! These are stunning, and I may have to use them, thank you for sharing :)

  246. Claudia Says:

    We used the template for a fundraising event for my children’s school. It was such a great idea, we could not pass it up. Thanks so much!!!

  247. Meghan Says:

    I would really love to use the templates. What a clever idea! Thank you!!!

  248. J. Wilde Says:

    Ohhh, the nostalgia is flooding back! I used to read this book as a kid! Every child should have a healthy dose of Shel Silverstein! Thank you for your inspiration.

  249. Krystal Says:

    Thank you! I will check with Fedex Kinkos, someone told me they have programs you use for a slight fee. If that doesnt work, I will try the 30 day free offer. I appreciate your help and thank you again for the template. It works prefectly with my theme!

  250. Kathy Beymer Says:

    Hi Krystal, do you have any friends who are graphic designers? They could take this file and make the changes for you because they would likely own Adobe Illustrator. Alternatively, there is a 30-day trial version that you can download at Be sure to download and install the font too so that it looks OK, and print out all your copies before the 30 days expire. Also, save it as a PDF file in addition to the .AI extension so that you’ll have it in case you need to print more copies after the expiration.

    Otherwise, either Cristin or I could update the file for you with your information although we would need to charge for our time. Let me know what you’d like to do and what you’re hoping to change and I can give you a quote. Thanks for visiting, and congratulations!

  251. Sheryl Says:

    Wow! This is great…not sure when I will use it

  252. Krystal Says:

    I don’t have Illustrator, is their another way. Where I don’t have to buy the program?? Please help.

  253. Krystal Says:

    Thank you, thank you. So cute!!!

  254. Melanie Says:

    I would absolutely LOVE to use the template for our STD’s. We were JUST talking about creating giving tree themed papers for our wedding. YAY!!!

  255. lori Says:

    i love this! soo cute! i would like to use this.

  256. Kathy Beymer Says:

    Great! Cristin and Adam will be thrilled.

  257. Emily Says:

    I would love to use the templates! Such a cute idea!

  258. Kathleen Says:

    And I like the font (thanks for the link to

  259. Erica Says:

    I would love to use the template, as a base for my save the dates.

  260. Colleen Says:

    No need to use the templates, but I just wanted to tell Cristin and Adam that I LOVE, love, love their Save the Date! It’s so creative and absolutely perfect for ANL!


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