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Recycled wrapping paper sewn wedding card

Recycled wrapping paper sewn wedding card

My downstairs neighbor Susan gave us a beautifully wrapped wedding gift in thick, shiny silver and pearl-like white wrapping paper. Channeling my mom, I decided to fold up the shiny white and silver paper and store it until I found some use for it.

Today I recycled the wrapping paper into a wedding card sewn with shiny metallic silver thread and coordinating lined shiny silver envelope.


Recycled wrapping paper sewn wedding card

Place your envelope liner template onto the wrapping paper. Use your Xacto knife to cut the paper. If you’re using thin paper, cut slowly to avoid tearing.

Recycled wrapping paper sewn wedding card

Slip the cut liner into the envelope and position just below the adhesive. Carefully flip it over, bend back the envelope flap, and brush rubber cement onto the back of the liner. Turn over and smooth.

Recycled wrapping paper sewn wedding card

Using your blank card as a template, cut a rectangle the same size as the front of the card using your Xacto knife and ruler. Brush rubber cement on the back and affix to the front of the card. Let it dry for a bit. Using a double zigzag stitch, sew metallic silver thread around the card front.

I used a light blue Sharpie to address and write the card. Something blue…

Recycled wrapping paper sewn wedding card

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Monday 23rd of November 2009

this is gorgeous, and I always love the idea of re-using stuff!! thanks for the great idea!

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