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Indoor S’mores: How to Make S’mores Inside the House

Indoor s'mores marshmallow and chocolate on graham crackers

Want to learn the best way how to make s’mores inside the house? I’ll show you how to replicate that ooey gooey campfire goodness indoors at home.

So it’s pouring outside right now and I’m craving a s’more. Luckily, living in a locale with nine long months of winter has allowed me to perfect the art of indoor s’mores. And the whole thing takes about five minutes.

Some people make s’mores indoors in the microwave. No, nope, don’t do it! All you need is an oven and the traditional s’mores ingredients to make the best s’mores inside the house, no campfire required.

Ingredients for making s’mores inside the house:

  • Honey Graham Crackers
  • Hershey’s Dark Chocolate (or Milk if you prefer)
  • Marshmallows (store-bought, or try making homemade marshmallows)
  • Baking sheet
  • Aluminum foil (optional)


How to make s’mores inside the house:

Step 1: Cut the marshmallows in half and put onto graham crackers

First put four graham crackers face-down on your baking sheet. Cut two marshmallows in half to give yourself more toasted flavor, putting them cut-side down onto two graham crackers. Put three squares of chocolate onto each of the other two crackers.

how to make s'mores inside the house

Step 2: Broil the marshmallows until toasty

A broiler is like a campfire upside down. Turn your broiler to low, slide in the marshmallows, and toast to your preferred level of brown — it will only need a minutes or two so be sure to watch them. When you get good at this over time, you can crank the broiler to high.

How to make smores inside

Step 3: Slightly melt the chocolate

Towards the end of your marshmallow toasting, slide in your chocolate pieces for a few seconds to soften them a bit without melting.

how to make s'mores inside the house

Step 4: Assemble your indoor s’mores

Remove from the oven. Put the chocolate cracker on top of the marshmallow cracker and enjoy …rain or shine.

Indoor s'mores marshmallow and chocolate on graham crackers

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Friday 26th of April 2013

I just made these s'mores and they are almost better than by campfire! My oven broils by temperature so I broiled the marshmallow sides on 500 degrees for about 1.5-2 min then chocolate sides for about 30 sec. Perfect!!


Saturday 20th of April 2013

I had an "why didn't I think of that" moment when I was at a birthday party a while back and a kid was using a candle to roast his marshmallows.

Kathy Beymer

Sunday 21st of April 2013

I love that idea! I'm definitely going to try a candle next.


Friday 19th of June 2009

I tried this once at a dinner party we were hosting. The evening ended when the marshmallows caught on fire in the oven and we had to get the fire extinguisher out and it made a huge mess everywhere. I'm glad you had better luck!


Thursday 3rd of July 2008

Love this! I had asuper craving a few weeks back for smores and luckily we live in CO so it was cool enough for an indoor fire! i am definitely going to keep this dessert coming with this idea!!! fantastic!


Tuesday 1st of July 2008

OK this is the best idea EVER! I have also made them in the microwave before but it's just not the same... I can't wait to try them in the broiler next time!