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Friday Inspiration: Fulton Seafood and Meat Markets

Merriment :: Isaacson and Stein Fish Market

Who says there’s no good fresh seafood in Chicago? Stepping inside L Isaacson & Stein Fish Market to buy ingredients for Shane’s Fourth of July birthday BBQ was a revelation.

I’ve heard about this place for years. I love seafood. My first Chicago job many moons ago was at Fulton and Jefferson. So I’m a little embarrassed to reveal that this was the first time I’d actually set foot inside Isaacson’s.

Merriment :: Isaacson and Stein Fish Market

Tuna steaks, fresh (not frozen!) jumbo sea scallops, wild caught red snapper, squid, goldenneck clams! It was a little unnerving at first to self-serve fish out of the ice-filled bays. But for $4.95/lb red snapper and $3.75/lb clams I’m in. After you pay, Issacson’s will clean the fish for you however you like.

Merriment :: Isaacson and Stein Fish Market

With raised confidence I proceeded to buy mounds of prime rib steaks at Peoria Packing Butcher Shop down the street. Peoria’s carries a wide spectrum of meat including parts of animals I didn’t know people ate anymore. But boneless chicken breasts are $1.75 a pound. Seriously.

Merriment :: Peoria Butcher Shop

Now that I’m working again in the neighborhood I have a feeling I’ll be stopping by these treasure troves as often as I can muster.

Merriment :: Kathy Beymer

Saturday 13th of September 2008

Hi Amy, I've only been to Isaacson's so far. The mussels I got there were great and almost every one opened when cooked. If you go to the other seafood market, please come back and post a comparison review :)


Friday 12th of September 2008

Oh my gosh! I work in the building right behind Peoria Packing!!

Which of the two seafood markets on Halstead near Fulton would you recommend? Have you been to both?

I desire some mussels, and your recipe looks GREAT.