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Easy DIY jewelry holder to organize necklaces tangle-free

DIY Jewelry organizer Necklace Holder from wood

Tired of untangling necklaces? Make an easy DIY jewelry holder using a piece of wood, cup hooks, decorative paper and Mod Podge in just a couple hours. This cute DIY necklace display uses curved hooks to keep necklaces tangle-free. And I’ll show you how to hang the necklace organizer up damage-free on a wall or dresser using my favorite removable hanging hack: painter’s tape + VELCRO® Brand fasteners. Keep reading to see how to make your own DIY jewelry hooks for your wall or dresser.

DIY Jewelry organizer Necklace Holder from wood

I bought Elise 7 necklaces for her 7th birthday. Liam and I picked them out together: a wishing star, a rainbow unicorn, a sweet daisy, a diamond kitty, a heart, a monkey, and the letter E. Thank goodness for Claire’s! But ever since her birthday the poor (un)lucky seven necklaces have existed in a tangled mess on the top of her dresser.

DIY Jewelry organizer with necklaces

Make a cute and inexpensive DIY necklace holder

I noticed a few DIY hanging jewelry organizers online and thought they looked pretty easy to make. And wouldn’t you know it? Not only was making this hanging necklace display super easy but it also cost less than $10 to make it myself.

Screwing cup holders in DIY jewelry organizer

I designed this DIY necklace organizer to fit neatly within the beveled side of her Land of Nod dresser but you could choose to hang it on the wall instead.

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DIY Jewelry organizer for tangle-free necklaces. Cover wood with decorative paper, screw in cup hooks and mount. See how to make your own for less than $10! [ Jewelry Organizer - Necklace Holder - Jewelry Holder Wall - Wood Jewelry Hanger - Necklace Storage ]

Don’t you love the gold crosshatch patterned paper? It’s from Martha Stewart Crafts and it’s super classy, don’t you think? Elise has other gold and brass accents in her room so this fit right in.

DIY Jewelry Holder Wall - Wood Jewelry Hanger

And if you don’t have time to make it yourself, jump to the end of this post to see cute handmade jewelry hangers to buy at Etsy. (I like to buy handmade things too).

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Supplies for making a hanging DIY necklace organizer for displaying necklaces on a wall or dresser:

Optional supplies:

How to make a DIY jewelry organizer for tangle-free necklaces:

Step 1: Gather supplies to make your DIY jewelry holder

Pick any color, any paper that you like. And the cup hooks come in both gold and white.

Supplies needed to make an easy DIY jewelry organizer using Mod Podge, wood, VELCRO® Brand fasteners and cup hooks

Step 2: Paint the wooden board (optional)

I decided to paint my board with a quick coat of white craft paint (with my favorite paintbrush set) because I wanted the translucent decoupage paper in gold crosshatch to be on a super crisp white and clean background. And don’t worry, the coat of paint didn’t end up being this globby and brush stroked 😆 I smoothed it out and let it dry.

Painting a DIY jewelry organizer for necklaces

Step 3: Cover the board with decorative paper

Measure your paper to include the tops and sides and cut using an X-ACTO knife, metal ruler and self-healing cutting mat (or a good pair of paper scissors.

Cutting paper to size

Brush on the Mod Podge. I used a Matte formula because I didn’t want it to be shiny. If you want to learn how to Mod Podge, go see my friend Amy from Mod Podge Rocks who is the Queen of Mod Podge craft tutorials.

Brush mod podge onto the DIY jewelry organizer for necklaces

Fold it over the top and bottom and Mod Podge it down.

How to mod podge an easy DIY jewelry organizer for hanging necklaces

I folded the corners like a present.

How to mod podge an easy DIY jewelry organizer for hanging necklaces

They looked like this. Let the Mod Podge dry completely, overnight is best.

How to mod podge an easy DIY jewelry organizer for hanging necklaces

Step 4: Twist hanging hooks into the bottom of the hanging jewelry organizer

It’s easier to twist in the cup hooks if you first make a little starter hole. Tap a nail into the board to just get a hole started, then pull out the nail. I made a paper guide so that my hooks were evenly spaced because misaligned things drive me nuts.

nailing start hole for cup hooks

Twist in the cup hooks.

Screwing hools into a DIY jewelry hanger

Step 5: How to hang a jewelry organizer on the wall with no damage

Are you ready for my favorite hanging hack? Use a combo of painter’s tape + VELCRO® Brand fasteners. Stick the hook (scratchy) side directly onto the wood. Now you could probably use a little less than I did, like a couple smaller strips; I just wanted to it to really hold tight.

Putting VELCRO onto jewelry hanger

Put a couple of pieces of painter’s tape onto the wall or dresser. Then put the loop (soft) side onto the tape. This hack makes any VELCRO® Brand fastener easily removable with no damage. And it holds great.

Now just stick your jewelry organizer to the wall or dresser. Congrats! Now all your pretty necklaces are on display.

How to hang an easy DIY jewelry organizer on a wall or dresser


Be sure to pin this DIY jewelry holder for later:

How to make an easy DIY jewelry organizer


Or if you prefer to buy a handmade jewelry organizer on Etsy

Sometimes our “DIYs-to-make” list is too long, yes? So if you choose to buy a handmade jewelry organizer, here are a few of my favorites on Etsy:

Etsy handmade jewelry hanger

Etsy jewelry organizer - duotone

Etsy jewelry hook rack

And be sure to check out my DIY gift ideas.

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