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DIY Wall Art: Personalized Sun Prints

DIY nursery wall art: Personalized sun prints

Here’s a fresh and sun shiny DIY nursery wall art idea: Personalized sun prints made using sun paper and alphabet magnets.

Cheap DIY Wall Art Ideas - Sun Prints

Liam’s room is getting a makeover so I decided to make a bit of DIY artwork for his room to keep company with his super adorable Minted monster artwork.

Chicago has been sunny and warm all week so I thought I could pull it off. I used Elise’s alphabet magnets to spell Liam’s first and middle names. There are three L’s in there but only two in our stash so I used an upside down “7” instead, and s0 I changed one of his I’s to a 1 to for balance. I think it looks really cute but here’s hoping I don’t screw up the poor boy once he hits preschool.

Cheap DIY Wall Art Ideas - Sun Prints

Sun prints are fun to make because they kind of feel like magic.

Cheap DIY Wall Art Ideas - Sun Prints

And I love how making something without computers creates happy outcomes and fun imperfections like layered letters and magnets shadows.

Cheap DIY Wall Art Ideas - Sun Prints

I think personalized sun print wall art like this would make a really cute DIY handmade baby gift. This might be my next easy DIY baby gift staple.


Supplies for making DIY Wall Art – Personalized Sun Prints (with affiliates):

How to make DIY nursery wall art – Personalized Sun Prints:

Arrange your name on a piece of clear sturdy plastic (mine came along in the sun print kit) until you’re happy with the arrangement.

Cheap DIY Wall Art Ideas - Sun Prints

Carefully take out the sun print paper in a dark-ish room and slip it under the plastic. I didn’t take a photo of this because I wanted to work quickly!

Get it outside quickly without spilling the letters. Let it sit in direct sunlight until the paper turns white, about 30 seconds to a couple minutes.

Cheap DIY Wall Art Ideas - Sun Prints

Don’t wait too long! I made that mistake the first time thinking, oh, more time in the sun will make darker letters. Nope, I just overexposed the letters, dang.

Cheap DIY Wall Art Ideas - Sun Prints

So I tried again and this time I took it out of the sun on time.

Quickly put it in a shallow flat dish of water; I added a few drops of lemon juice to make the blue really pop. Swish it around for about 30-60 seconds and then pull it out to dry on a towel.

Cheap DIY Wall Art Ideas - Sun Prints

Once the print is totally dry you can flatten it under a stack of books. The instructions are pretty clear to wait until it’s dry but it is tempting to try to flatten it when it’s wet.

Grab an 8″x10″ frame. I painted my frame green to tie it into Liam’s new handmade curtains for his big boy room.

Cheap DIY Wall Art Ideas - Sun Prints

Gather your framing supplies, ignoring our poor trashed coffee table (should have used these coasters!)

Cheap DIY Wall Art Ideas - Sun Prints

Tape it into the frame using acid-free tape, frame and hang!

Cheap DIY Wall Art Ideas - Sun Prints

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