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Crafty birthday wishes

Merriment :: Sign by Kathy Beymer

Nothing says my birthday like a warm, sunny August day and the Air and Water Show. Shane created a cute message on my beloved sun-faded antique sign that I bought this spring in Brooklyn. And I took this photo with my new camera. Fun!

Today I thought I’d quickly post a couple creative birthday gift ideas for your long-distance friends.

1. Send drinks to your friends by buying and sending them codes at At the bar, the recipient shows your text message to the bartender and the gift value is subtracted from the bill.

2. Choose an individual song or album to send to your friend using iTunes for a more personal touch than a generic iTunes giftcard. This feature’s a bit hidden. Go into the store, click to a specific album, and click the “Give This Music” button. The Sugarcubes’ “Birthday” is a good pick.

Blue Angels are flying by now. Back to the show!

P.S. Want to get your own sign? Readymade sells new small ones.

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Thursday 21st of August 2008

Happy birthday, Kathy! Hope it was a good one. I actually sent my friend in New York a drink from that site to celebrate his new job and he loved it. It's my new "go to" gift for friends who live out of town. Thanks!

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