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Snack Recipes

Easy and yummy snack recipes — check out the healthy sweet potato crackers!

Sweet potato crackers recipe – easy, healthy recipe for kids

Try this delicious sweet potato crackers recipe! I’ve been making this sweet potato crackers recipe again and again since Thanksgiving’s sweet potato leftovers and I think it’s high time I passed along this yummy kid-friendly recipe. Elise has become my official cracker-making helper and #1 taste taster and she loves them! I couldn’t even take …

Australian Weet-Bix Banana Chocolate Chunk Muffins

It’s been 10 years now since I lived in Sydney, Australia. Recently we received a gift box (yay!) filled with heaps of Australian beer and food – including my favorite biscuits, Arnott’s shortbreads – as well as a box of Weet-Bix, self-proclaimed “Australia’s favourite cereal.” Never a huge milk and Weet-Bix breakfast fan, I thought …