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Canning label template in five cheery colors

Printable canning labels on mason jars

Canning has been a theme the past few weeks so I’m excited to share these free printable canning labels with you. My pretty floral printable canning labels come in five colors — red, blue, green, purple, and yellow — for your jams, salsa, and relish. You can print my free labels for mason jar lids, or try my optional personalized canning labels, too!

It all started with a canning night from iheartcrafting, a Chicago ladies’ crafting group. Hostess Lisa bought large boxes of lovely blueberries, fresh green tomatoes, and flavorful apricots from a local farmer’s market. We all pitched in jars, lids, pots, and labels and canned enough blueberry jam, apricot jam, and pickled dill green tomatoes for each of us to take home five canning jars.

Free printable canning labels

Next up: Northern Michigan. I brought personalized canning labels as a hostess gift for my good friend, Jennie. She’s been learning all about canning, including raspberry freezer jam that needs no boiling …so much easier and no boiled fruit.

Free canning labels template

Cho0se from two free canning label printable templates

So now that you’re properly in the canning mood, let’s get to the labels! My printable canning labels were inspired by the cute label designs by Kendra at A Sonoma Garden. My canning labels design involved scanning in a swatch of Anna Maria Small Gathering fabric in citrus…

Anna Maria Small Gathering in Citrus

…then I cropped in close, changed the colors in Photoshop, and typed in the labels. NOTE: Some of the photos say “Dykens Family” but the free downloadable template says “Yummy Homemade.”

Free printable canning labels template

You can download my free printable canning labels template in the “Supplies” section below. There are two versions of free labels: (1) blank labels for handwriting, and (2) Yummy Homemade blueberry jam, strawberry jam, salsa, and relish. You’re more than welcome to use this printable canning label template for free with the request that anyone using this template or design post a comment below.

Free canning labels template

Want a personalized canning label template instead?

In addition to my free canning labels, I’m selling personalized canning label printable templates at my Etsy store. Be sure to visit my Etsy store for my cheap and lovely personalized canning label templates that YOU can personalize yourself and print year after year.

Get Your Personalized Canning Labels


Supplies for using my canning labels templates:

Free canning labels template

Step 1: Download my canning label template

Download one of my free canning label templates: (1) pre-typed with blueberry, strawberry, salsa, and relish or (2) blank for you to hand-write.

Or visit my Etsy store if you’d like to customize your own creations by typing into an interactive PDF (which will give you typed personalized labels rather than handwritten ones). My Etsy store labels are sized to fit Avery Print-To-The-Edge 2″ Round Labels (products 22807, 22817, 22825, 41464, 41494).

Step 2: Print canning labels onto sticker paper

Print onto full-sheet sticker paper using a laser color printer. No laser color printer? FedEx Office can print them for you very cheaply.

Free canning labels template

Step 3: Cut out the canning labels

Using your 2-inch hole punch or scissors, cut out the labels.

Free canning labels template

Step 4: Peel and stick onto mason jar lids

Peel off the label backing and stick on top of the lid of your canned goodness.

Free canning labels template

Also be sure to check out my striped modern canning labels in red, blue, yellow, and purple and my easy raspberry freezer jam recipe.


Be sure to pin my printable canning labels template:

Personalized printable canning labels in red. Type to personalize and print over and over again. Great for homemade jams, jellies, and DIY gifts. #canning #stickers #printable #labels #jam #jelly #masonjar

And see more printables and DIY gift ideas.

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Tuesday 24th of July 2018

Just what I was looking for. Thanks.


Monday 4th of January 2016

Hi i think it's a great initiative to leave these templates here! I will be using it! Thank you so much!


Wednesday 23rd of December 2015

Thank you so much for these supplies! Perfect for Christmas!


Monday 7th of December 2015

What beautiful labels!

Jan P

Tuesday 3rd of November 2015

Thank you! Needing something to "doll up" some jars of things I've canned that I am giving to a silent auction benefit for a sweet little gal with cancer!

Kathy Beymer

Sunday 15th of November 2015

Glad that you could use it, Jan! I hope the silent auction benefit earned a lot of money for your friend! xo