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Campfire felt coffee cozy DIY

How to make a recycled green Coffee Campfire Cozy free tutorial, template and pattern

Make my campfire coffee cozy DIY with felt flames and logs! This cute handmade coffee cozy not only protects your hands but also brings joy to your cup.

While I’m not a particularly heavy coffee drinker I’ve been known to enjoy my oat milk mint mocha from time to time. If I buy coffee once a week I’m using 52 of these little guys. Buy coffee every workday and it skyrockets up to 260. Ouch.

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Reduce, reuse, recycle …and show some personality to boot. I made this cozy campfire coffee insulator out of some felt and old fabric scraps.


Supplies for making my campfire coffee cozy insulator wrap:

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How to make campfire coffee cozy DIY insulator wraps

Step 1: Cut coffee cozy insulator wrap pieces

Using your cardboard coffee insulator as a pattern cut out the khaki fabric, red fabric, interfacing, and vinyl. If you choose to use vinyl you will avoid some potential coffee stains; following the package directions iron the vinyl onto the khaki fabric.

How to make a recycled green Coffee Campfire Cozy Coffee Insulator Sleeve free tutorial, template and pattern

Your interfacing should be about 1/8th thick; it’s almost like flexible fabric cardboard. Get the good stuff so that you can be sure it’s insulating.

Step 2: Sew binding tape to the coffee cozy top

Sandwich the interfacing between the khaki fabric on top and red fabric on the bottom. Sew binding tape *onto the top only* for now.

Step 3: Add out campfire flames and logs to the DIY coffee cozy

Cut out three flames in different sizes plus two logs. Using three strands of embroidery thread handsew the largest flame onto the khaki fabric through the interfacing but not the red layer. This will make sure your stitches don’t show on the finished wrap. Repeat for all three layers of flames and the logs. I made my flames stick above the top; I think it’s cuter and more fun that way.

How to make a recycled green Coffee Campfire Cozy Coffee Insulator Sleeve free tutorial, template and pattern

Step 4: Sew bias tape on the sides and bottom

Sew bias tape on the bottom through the khaki, interfacing and red layers like you did the top. See now how your flame stitches are hidden? Sew bias tape on the sides, folding down a bit extra on both tops and bottoms.

Step 5: Sew coffee wrap into a circle

Now shape it into a wrap and sew back and forth for security across the top and bottom.

Voila! Campfire cozy coffee!


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Sunday 27th of November 2011

As a grown ex Blue Bird/Camp Fire girl, these will be Great gifts for the group of ex leaders that my mom still meets up with once a month. They are meeting up for their annual Christmas dinner and gift exchange very soon. Thank you for the inspiration!!


Saturday 20th of August 2011

I will be using this idea for a name tag for my Brownies! Thank you.

Kathy Beymer

Sunday 21st of August 2011

Hi Danielle, it will be perfect for Brownies! I hope they like it - they can work towards that "Crafts" badge ;)


Saturday 11th of April 2009

It's so genius I can hardly stand it!


Wednesday 30th of July 2008

This just makes me happy.