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Bouquet Mason Jars with Handmade Name Tags for Receptions

Merriment :: Bouquet jars and handmade name tags for Fall :: photograph by Thorsen Photography

I really like this thoughtful detail from Cristin and Adam Siegel’s Chicago nuptials. Cristin tied handmade name tags around the tops of water-filled glass Ball mason jars to hold the bridal party’s bouquets during the reception. And aren’t the bridesmaid bouquets that feature orchids and fiddlehead ferns lovely?


  • Thick paper in two colors (Cristin used solid and patterned natural shades for her fall nuptials)
  • Rub on letters
  • Ribbon
  • Hole punch
  • Glue stick or rubber cement
  • Ball mason jars
  • Pre-cut paper flowers (optional)

Merriment :: Bouquet jars and handmade name tags for Fall

You should be able to find the supplies in the scrapbooking section. Cut your paper into a tag shape. Cut narrow rectangles and glue them about 1/4th inch from the end. Position the rub-on letters and follow the directions to transfer them one-by-one onto the tags. Optionally add pre-made paper flowers.

Punch a large hole into the top of the tag, slip the ribbon through the hole, and wrap and tie the ribbon around the top of the jar.

Like this project? Be sure to check out Cristin and Adam’s popular free template for their Giving Tree Save the Date Wedding Announcement.

Merriment :: Bouquet jars and handmade name tags for Fall

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