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Toasted Coconut Chocolate Valentine Dessert recipe idea for Valentine's Day

While I’ve never been much of a Valentine’s Day girl, I’ve always been a big fan of coconut and chocolate. I made these special treats by modifying a recipe from an Australian cookbook.

Ingredients (for four Valentine’s Day treats):

  • 1 cup coconut
  • 1 egg white (buy pasteurized eggs if you can)
  • 5/8 cup cream (just over 1/2 cup)
  • 5 oz dark chocolate
  • 4 large white paper nut cups (you could also try the mini-nut cups if you’d like to make more, or package for smaller treats)
  • Cacoa nibs for garnish (optional)

Other supplies:

Toasted Coconut Chocolate Valentine Dessert recipe

Lay out your ingredients. The photo shows enough for eight treats (I doubled the recipe above to make more treats). Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Chop your chocolate into chunks.

Toasted Coconut Chocolate Valentine Dessert

Place the egg whites in a bowl and whip until they’re frothy and start to form peaks. I used a hand mixer but you could also use a stand mixer. Add the coconut and fold in using a spoon.

NOTE: After I made this recipe, I read that egg whites should be whipped at room temperature for the greatest volume, and also ideally whipped in a copper or stainless steel bowl. The article recommends separating egg whites from yolks them while they are still cold because it’s easier, then bring egg whites to room temperature by putting them in a bowl and then setting that bowl in another bowl of warm water.

Toasted Coconut Chocolate Valentine Dessert recipe

With wet hands or a spoon, press the coconut mixture into the white paper nut cups, covering the base and sides to make a shell. Bake for 8-12 minutes or until the coconut mixture gets nice and toasty brown.

Toasted Coconut Chocolate Valentine Dessert recipe

While the coconut is toasting, make the filling. Place the cream in a saucepan over medium heat and cook until almost boiling, stirring constantly. Remove from heat and add the chopped chocolate, stirring until the chocolate has melted and the filling is smooth.

Toasted Coconut Chocolate Valentine Dessert recipe

Ladle the chocolate filling into the coconut cups and sprinkle cacao nibs on the top. Place in the refrigerator for 15 minutes or until the filling is set. I like them best at room temperature so once set consider letting it sit out a bit before enjoying. Serve to your sweetie.

Toasted Coconut Chocolate Valentine Dessert recipe

Did you make this? Share your comments or own photos at the Facebook page, “I made it!” flickr photo gallery or tweet a picture to @merrimentdesign. Craft and pass it on!


9 Responses to “Toasted Coconut Chocolate Valentine Dessert with Cacoa Nibs”

  1. cowinsend Says:

    สวย น่าทำ แล้วก็… น่ากิน!

  2. Kathy Beymer Says:

    Hi Debi, one batch makes four treats using the larger sized nut cups; I doubled it when I made it to make eight. However, you could buy the smaller nut cups and likely get more like 8 per batch. I updated the post with links to the nut cups. This recipe was actually really easy to make overall and tastes super rich and yummy! Would love to hear what you think when you try it out.

  3. debi Says:

    These sound delicious. I’d like to have these at our wedding. How many does a batch make?

  4. Danny J Says:

    this is the most delicious looking thing i have ever seen. you’re talent is endless.

  5. Mindy Says:

    Chocolate and coconut is one of the most underrated combinations. I always make people try things like this before they decide they don’t like coconut (and I usually convince them). This recipe is a great twist on a classic. Thanks!

  6. Alice Smith Says:

    I love the recipe for Toasted Coconut Chocolate Valentine Desser. I also strongly recommend using pastuerized shell eggs for safety. I have been regularly using them because I have 3 small kids who love to taste cookie dough. I found a source at


  7. inspiredbyeverything Says:

    The cacao nibs are a smart topper…they have a tasty hint of red wine essence. Well done!


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