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DIY Winter Hat from Recycled Sweaters

Recycling sweaters into winter hats is an oldie but a goodie because it’s cheap and useful and makes a great DIY gift. Check out this cute winter hat that Elise and I made from a recycled sweater!

DIY Winter Hat from Recycled Sweaters

Making a hat out of a recycled wool sweater is such a quick project! I think this is going to be my quickest tutorial of the entire year – we literally made this hat in 15 minutes. It is taking me five times as long to write up the tutorial as it was to make it.

I made this recycled hat using the scraps from when I made these cute and fuzzy bunny slippers for Elise.

DIY Winter Hat from Recycled Sweaters

The recycled sweater hat is so soft and cozy; it doesn’t hurt that the sweater was cashmere. Yeah I know, I cut up a cashmere sweater (!?!). It was from Target, though, and I accidentally shrunk it in the wash so I feel good about it.

The hat turned out cute on its own.

DIY Winter Hat from Recycled Sweaters

But then I remembered that I had this old pin that I bought at a Renegade Craft Fair eons ago that was sitting in a drawer. We pinned it on…

DIY Winter Hat from Recycled Sweaters

…and it got a big thumbs up.

DIY Winter Hat from Recycled Sweaters

I’m a recycling addict. My favorite craft projects are those that take something old to turn it in to something new and useful like these napkin rings, this ring holder, and these garden markers from salad containers. I’d gladly make something out of our giveaway pile rather than buy new supplies any day.

Elise wore her recycled wool sweater hat while eating snow from Chicago’s first snowfall this year.

DIY Winter Hat from Recycled Sweaters

Oh, how my craft assistant has grown!

DIY Winter Hat from Recycled Sweaters

Supplies for making a recycled sweater hat:

How to make a recycled sweater hat:

Choose some wool sweaters – make sure they have good ribbing on the bottom. You can felt them (wash them in the washing machine) or not as you wish. Here’s what they looked like felted which I used when making Elise’s slippers.

DIY Winter Hat from Recycled Sweaters

Before I felted the sweater for the slippers, I cut off the sleeves (they were short sleeves). The sleeves ended up being the perfect size for a hat so I went with it as is. Alternatively, you can lay a hat down that fits and cut around it as a pattern. Cut two pieces and make sure the bottom side is on the ribbing.

DIY Winter Hat from Recycled Sweaters

Sew them together, right sides together.

DIY Winter Hat from Recycled Sweaters

Trim off any extra so it’s more comfortable on your head.

DIY Winter Hat from Recycled Sweaters

That’s it. Easiest DIY gift ever.

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