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Merriment :: Chicago Skyline Note Cards and Lined Envelopes by Kathy Beymer

My favorite Chicago mommy blogger Janna Devylder, sons Gus and Eli, and husband John are moving to Savannah to teach at SCAD. So I decided to make them a goodbye gift.

Merriment :: Chicago Skyline Note Cards and Lined Envelopes by Kathy Beymer

These handmade, bright, urban notecards and coordinating lined envelopes that depict the iconic Chicago skyline are the perfect size for keeping in touch old school style.

Supplies (for 10 cards):

COPYRIGHT NOTE: You’re more than welcome to use this template for your own personal use. Please post a comment below or email me if you use this project so I can smile when I see that it’s being used. Craft and pass it on!

Merriment :: Chicago Skyline Note Cards and Lined Envelopes by Kathy Beymer

Print out my free skyline templates on colored paper 5 times for 10 cards. Cut out notecards on the gray lines using your paper cutter or Xacto knife, ruler and self-healing mat.

Merriment :: Chicago Skyline Note Cards and Lined Envelopes by Kathy Beymer

Now here’s a tip to ensure your cards fold perfectly. Measure the center of your card and put your ruler along that imaginary line. Turn your Xacto knife upside down. Yep, upside down. Run the *back* of your knife gently down the middle along the ruler two or three times. Your goal is to just score the line, not cut through the paper, so be careful. Now you’ll be able to easily fold the card in half along a perfect seam. (Fun fact: Ironically, I learned this scoring trick from John years ago while watching him make his wedding invitations.)

Merriment :: Chicago Skyline Note Cards and Lined Envelopes by Kathy Beymer

Next make your lined envelopes. If you buy your envelopes from Paper Source then you can also buy their envelope liner template and just trace and cut. However, this time I had another brand of cards so I just winged it (just trace a bit smaller than the width/height of your envelope, creating a point just below the adhesive strip, and cut …easy). Slip the liner inside the envelope just under the adhesive strip.

Merriment :: Chicago Skyline Note Cards and Lined Envelopes by Kathy Beymer

Turn your envelope over and place on your mat. Bend the envelope flap backwards to reveal the back of the liner. Put rubber cement on the liner, then bend the envelope back to stick.

Merriment :: Chicago Skyline Note Cards and Lined Envelopes by Kathy Beymer

I hope the Devylders enjoy these notecards in their new home. I’ve known John and Janna for about eight years ago and hired Janna not one but two times. Chicago won’t be the same without them!


16 Responses to “Chicago Skyline Notecards and Lined Envelopes”

  1. Ashley Says:

    So excited to find this Chicago skyline image. Planning on jazzing it up to use for my sister’s bachelorette party invite! Thanks!

  2. aaronc Says:

    THANKS SO MUCH! THESE ARE GREAT! I wish everyone was as open to sharing!

  3. Joy Says:

    I’m a displaced Illinoisan (?) and have been living in Texas for 25 yrs now. I get back home as often as possible and try, try,try to get up to Chicago, my favorite city. I could, and have, sit for hours and watch Buckingham Fountain at night as the color change. I love going to the restaurant on the Hancock Bldg and looking out at the city, day or night. I love driving down LSD at night and catching that first glimpse of The Drake Hotel. I could go on and on. When I saw your cards of the skyline, I got that warm feeling of home. This gift to your friend meant a lot to her…I know. You chose a very thoughtful gift and the fact that you made it yourself will make her love all that much more. Smiles all around! =-) ~Joy

  4. Chinta Says:

    Thank you soooo much for posting this. I have been looking for the chicago skyline in sillhoutte to use on my wedding day. My fiance and I met and fell in love there..had many beautiful memories there..and I got proposed at John Hancock’s this is perfect for our big day! Thanks again for this :)

  5. Seisha S. Says:

    Thanksss. Im having a sweet sixteen and its an urban graffiti theme and i wanted to make my invitations stand outt . Something wild and sophisticatedd! This is exactly it ! Thnkss againn(:

  6. Michele Says:

    Hi! I love these cards! I am planning a wedding for next year, and actually want escort cards with a Chicago skyline. I printed your template, and it’s beautiful. But I’m wondering if there’s a way I can turn it into a template where I can type in the guests’ names. Or do you have ideas where I can create my own black Chicago skyline like you have here?

    Thanks for sharing with us!

  7. Kathy Beymer Says:

    Hi Sarah, glad you like the project! I took a quick look at iStock and they have a Philadelphia skyline if you prefer not creating it from a photo:

    I’d love to see how it turns out. Thanks for stopping by!

  8. sarah Says:

    LOVE this! of course, i want a philadelphia set. did istock have the skyline, or did you create the skyline illustration yourself based on a photo?

  9. Rachel Says:

    WOW! These are stunning! I absolutely LOVE them and I’ll be linking as well. Off to explore the rest of your blog…

  10. Merriment :: Kathy Beymer Says:

    Fabulous! I’d love to see the Rehearsal Dinner invitations when you have them ready. Sounds like a fun night!

  11. Marilyn Haywood Says:

    Thank you so much! I was looking for a simple Chicago skyline to use for my son & his fiance’s Rehearsal Dinner invitation which will be held on New Years Day evening in Chicago. This is perfect!

  12. Krista Says:

    Love these cards! They are easy to make and a great gift for friends.

  13. Chicago Cal Says:

    I can’t wait to try this (although I’ll probably save it for when the weather turns colder)!

  14. southern hostess Says:

    These are terrific! What a great idea. I just found you through cupcake monkey and I’m really enjoying your blog!

  15. Heather Says:

    These rule! Swoon…


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