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Free Printable Last Day of School Sign – Type to Personalize

Free Printable Last Day of School Sign with name and grade

It’s pretty crazy that the last day of school is already almost here. Time to get your free printable Last Day Of School sign ready for a memorable last day of school photo!

You can personalize my free printable Last Day of School Sign with your child’s name, year, and grade, all inside a super cute apple. Just download the PDF, open it up in Adobe Reader, type into the fields to personalize it yourself, print it out on either white cardstock paper or my favorite colored cardstock paper

You know school is out when Facebook feeds are jammed with ‘first and last day of school’ photos. This new social media staple is almost like mini-Christmas cards in September and June. It’s fun to see my friend’s kids as they grow. And it’s really fun to compare the last day of school to the first day of school. Look how much Elise grew last year from the first day of kindergarten…

Free first day of school printable sign PDF - with an apple

…to the last day of Kindergarten….

Here was Liam on the first day of preschool…

Free first day of school printable PDF sign

And here he was on his last day of preschool…

Free Personalized Last Day of School printable sign. Just download, type to personalize, and print!

I like to color code the signs each year with different colors for each kid and each year. Here’s Elise’s from Pre-K, side by side, in bright green.

Free Personalized First Day of School printable sign #freeprintables

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Supplies for making personalized last day of school signs:

How to personalize and print last day of school signs:

IMPORTANT: Editable PDFs don’t work properly in a web browser, so be sure to follow these steps:

1. Save my free printable “First/Last Day of School” personalized sign PDF to your computer
2. Open Adobe Reader on your computer (install it here)
3. Type into the fields.
4. Print onto colored card stock paper
5. Smile!

Be sure to let me know how this Last Day of School sign worked for you.

This fall on the first day of school Liam chose blue and Elise chose purple, so those are the colors I’ll use for our Last Day of School sign in a few weeks. I’ll be sure to show you how much they grew!

First day of school printable personalized signs printable PDF


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