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Baby stuffed animals

Rachel's baby animals

New mom and fashion maven Rachel Pluto made these adorable animals for her newborn daughter Maya.

Taking a cue from Dwell’s baby animals that retail $105 for three, Rachel handcrafted these adorable reversible giraffe and elephant stuffed animals out of fabric that complemented her Chicago loft nursery. Humble Rachel says, “I kind of just winged the animals,” and I find her ingenuity and experimentation inspirational.

Rachel's baby animals


Rachel choose two fabrics and pinned them, right sides together. Then she free-form drew the outline of the animals fatter than she wanted them on the wrong side of the fabric. She sewed along her drawing leaving a 2-3″ space open for stuffing. After stuffing them very, very firmly with loose pillow stuffing, she hand sewed up the hole. As Rachel said, “That’s it!”