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Recycled Fabric Napkin Rings from Sarah Wrap Tubes for Earth Day Green Crafts

I made this fabric napkin rings recycled craft from an empty Saran Wrap tube. A few months ago I was getting ready to throw away an empty Saran Wrap box and happened to notice how the cardboard tube inside was oh so strong and sturdy. What useful thing could I make with such a pretty?? It’s round. Not easily crushed. Ah! I could cut it, cover it in fabric, and make napkin rings!

Recycled Fabric Napkin Rings from Sarah Wrap Tubes for Earth Day Green Crafts

And that is how a cardboard tube ended up in my craft closet for three months. So this rainy-sunny-rainy weekend I sat down, fiddled a bit, and here we go! Cheery fabric napkin rings just in time to brighten up your summertime picnics.

Supplies for making my fabric napkin rings recycled craft (for 8 rings):

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How to make fabric-covered napkin rings from a recycled cardboard Saran Wrap tube

One typical cardboard tube of Saran Wrap will make 8 napkin rings that are 1-1/2″ inches wide and 1-3/8″ diameter. Or you can make wider rings if you only need 6. These rings are best for premium square paper napkins and plastic silverware, but you can squeeze fabric napkins inside with no silverware if you roll them very tightly.

How to make recycled napkin rings – First cut napkin rings from Saran Wrap cardboard tube.

Recycled Fabric Napkin Rings from Sarah Wrap Tubes for Earth Day Green Crafts

Using your measuring tape, measure 1-3/8″ and mark with a pencil around the circumference of the cardboard tube.

Recycled Fabric Napkin Rings from Sarah Wrap Tubes for Earth Day Green Crafts

Carefully cut your pencil lines using an Xacto knife. Repeat for up to 8 rings.

Recycled Fabric Napkin Rings from Sarah Wrap Tubes for Earth Day Green Crafts

Hide cardboard tube markings (optional). I did this step because the striped fabric I used was sort of thin and I wanted to be sure to totally cover up the dark spots of adhesive remnants on the tubes.

Recycled Fabric Napkin Rings from Sarah Wrap Tubes for Earth Day Green Crafts

Cut 8 strips of no-sew interfacing 1-3/8″ wide x 5-3/4″ tall.

Recycled Fabric Napkin Rings from Sarah Wrap Tubes for Earth Day Green Crafts

Tape one end of the interfacing to the ring (or use your adhesive). Roll the interfacing around the ring and secure with a second piece of tape.

Recycled Fabric Napkin Rings from Sarah Wrap Tubes for Earth Day Green Crafts

Wrap napkin ring with fabric.

Recycled Fabric Napkin Rings from Sarah Wrap Tubes for Earth Day Green Crafts

Cut your fabric in 3-1/2″ wide by 5-3/4″ tall strip (my fabric is shown face down in the photo but it doesn’t matter).

Recycled Fabric Napkin Rings from Sarah Wrap Tubes for Earth Day Green Crafts

Place the napkin ring in the center of the fabric. Secure one end with invisible tape (or glue it if you’d rather), making sure the tape covers only a tiny edge of the fabric or else you’ll see it in your final product.

Recycled Fabric Napkin Rings from Sarah Wrap Tubes for Earth Day Green Crafts

Roll the fabric tightly around the ring and secure using a dab of fabric glue, being sure to put some on the raw edge to prevent fraying (alternatively, you could turn a bit of the fabric under to hide raw edges or use pinking shears to make a zigzag edge).

Recycled Fabric Napkin Rings from Sarah Wrap Tubes for Earth Day Green Crafts

Put a bit of glue on one fabric end, fold inside the ring and glue to the inside of the cardboard ring. Repeat on the other side. Raw edges will meet in the middle of the inside.

Hide raw edges using ribbon.

Recycled Fabric Napkin Rings from Sarah Wrap Tubes for Earth Day Green Crafts

Using your pinking shears, cut one 4-1/2″ piece of ribbon for each napkin ring.

Recycled Fabric Napkin Rings from Sarah Wrap Tubes for Earth Day Green Crafts

Spread fabric glue on one side of the ribbon. Curl it up a bit, slip it inside the ring and glue the ribbon on top of the raw fabric edges to cover them up.

Recycled Fabric Napkin Rings from Sarah Wrap Tubes for Earth Day Green Crafts

You can also use the end of your pencil to roll the ribbon flat inside. Let your napkin rings dry for at least 24 hours before using.

Recycled Fabric Napkin Rings from Sarah Wrap Tubes for Earth Day Green Crafts

Wrap plastic utensils in a premium paper napkin (folded into quarters) and slip on the ring to secure. Fire up the grill!

Recycled Fabric Napkin Rings from Sarah Wrap Tubes for Earth Day Green Crafts

Did you make it? Please post a comment and let me know how this craft idea works for you. And share your own photos at the Facebook page, “I made it!” flickr photo gallery or tweet a picture to @merrimentdesign. Craft and pass it on!

COPYRIGHT NOTE: You’re more than welcome to use free DIY craft idea and how to step-by-step tutorial for your own personal use. Contact me for any commercial use – this includes etsy sellers.


89 Responses to “Recycled Fabric Napkin Rings from Saran Wrap Tubes”

  1. Hitler Says:

    Hitler was here
    you suck

  2. Johnd493 Says:

    Thanks for the article, is there any way I can receive an email whenever you publish a new update? dcdceeegcgfd

  3. Juliana Says:

    These are just awesome and I can create many because I do have some scrap clothes and tissue for creating beautiful pieces.

  4. Barbara @ DIY Home Staging Tips Says:

    Kathy — I loved these napkin rings and the tutorial so much that I posted a photo and link to your site on my blog today. I did a roundup of diy napkin rings suitable for home staging.

    I hope some of my readers will become new followers for you. Your blog is lovely!

    Thanks and best wishes.

  5. Julia McKernan Says:

    Another idea to cover these tubes is to hot glue ribbon from front to underside in circular motion. Use drop of glue each time you circle (on inside) to hold in place.

  6. Karen Says:

    I found the information on making these napkin rings to be very informing and great pictures in detail as to each step.
    Thank you for posting all this info to share with others.
    Will inform others about your site for I have briefly looked at some of the other projects you have done

  7. Jillian Says:

    I love this. I think I will do it!

  8. Robin Says:

    I just wanted to let you know that I FULLY plan on using this idea for my “upcoming” wedding, and I’m just about to use it in a blog post. I say “upcoming” because we’re not yet engaged, but we’re planning our wedding anyway. We need all the extra time we can get; so I’ve been scouring looking for awesome DIY ideas, and your is one of the best yet. Can’t wait to use them!

  9. Laura Says:

    What an innovative idea! Please stop by to link up to my Share the Wealth Wednesday Link Party!

  10. Sue Says:

    These are adorable. I love the fabric. I think I shop at all the wrong stores.
    Visiting you from tip junkie!

  11. Goca (from Serbia) Says:

    Hvala na ideji… ;))))

    thanks for the idea :))))

  12. kHADIJA Says:

    Hi I would like to use this for my school project. Thanks for the wonderful tutorial…

  13. Dani Says:

    These are great! I love the idea of them! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Inge Says:

    Exccelent idea! My christmas napkin ring problem is now solved! Thanks for sharing.

  15. ansanma Says:

    Finally I published my own version based on this in, quoting this, of course. Greetings!

  16. Kathy Beymer Says:

    Thank you, Terry! I appreciate it :)

  17. Terry Says:

    These are so clever and an absolutely perfect project to make together with your children or grandchildren. They’re ideal for making into seasonal napkin rings, too. I’m certainly glad that you had a rainy- sunny- rainy weekend and experimented, but most especially glad that you shared your excellent results with all of us! Sincere thanks from Colorado.

  18. Kathy Beymer Says:

    Great idea for a wedding! Keep in mind that the napkins you choose for your wedding will need to get through the opening so I recommend a napkin test. I used a fancy cloth-like disposable kind and it looked great.

  19. Becky Says:

    Thanks so much for this. I’m trying to keep my wedding on a budget and looking for great ideas that are stress free DIYers :) I’ll definatly be hitting up all of my relitives for their saran wrap tubes! I think I should keep what I’m doing with them a secret though and see if they can figure it out at the wedding :) thanks again!

  20. Dana Says:

    I love these so much! What a cute idea. I’ll definitely be trying this out in a few months when I move into my new home and get in the mood to re-decorate!

  21. Вячеслав Says:

    Так ведь без недостатков достоинства незаметны :)

  22. Alison Says:

    Hi, just wanted to let you know I am going to feature this project on my blog. We’re an event planning company in Chicago and we love to showcase ideas that are eco-friendly. Recycled tubes that can be beautiful fun napkin rings are a great idea. THanks for sharing.

  23. kath Says:

    I like this! I am all for crafty ideas that don’t look “crafty”. This is perfect :)

  24. La Zar Says:

    It’s very, very beautiful, easy, cheap and green. Thank you so very much for this brilliant idea!

  25. vicki Says:

    We love to promote eco-friendly ideas – this is so great!

  26. diy maven Says:

    Lovely project! I’m posting a link to it over at Curbly.

  27. ansanma Says:

    Wonderful! I’m going to create an Instructable ( based on this, with some . Of course, I will link you.

  28. Sam Says:

    Wow, those are super cute! Now I’ll never be able to throw anything away…..

  29. Kathy @ Says:

    Hi Alicia! I love that you’re using this for your eco-wedding! I would love to see the pictures when you have them. Thanks for commenting!

  30. Alicia Says:

    Hello! I’m so excited about this! We’ve opted to go eco-friendly for our wedding and use compostable napkins, plates, and silverware. As much as I love my cloth napkins and china, it’s more cost effective to do it this way. I have been searching for something fun, unique, and different to dress up our plain biodegradable napkins and silverware – plus my misc. fabric pile is large enough to get this task done! (Even more eco-friendly since I already have the supplies to re-use!) Thanks for the post!

  31. Robyn Iaea Says:

    what a smart idea! thanks for sharing:)

  32. Kathy at Says:

    Hi Kathleen H, good question. Yes, the interfacing step is optional. I used the interfacing because there were some brown spots on the tube that showed through my striped fabric. I called it the “Hide cardboard tube markings (optional)” step but you could totally skip it if your fabric is thick enough not to show through, or if your tube has less adhesive remnant on it than mine did. I would steering away from fleece interlining or quilt batting as I like the rings smooth and modern rather than puffy. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  33. Kathleen H Says:

    Really cute idea, great use of the tube, but why on earth would you need interfacing? It doesn’t stiffen anything – the tube does that. Did you mean fleece interlining, like for tailoring jacket collars, or a thin quilt batting? That would make more sense to me, sorry.

  34. Mike Says:

    What a great idea! So simple, but it looks amazing. Thanks for the thorough how-to… I’ll be linking to this on Twitter :)

  35. Natalie Says:

    I love this and think I may be able to do it! I have all my leftover fabric from my wedding invitations (thanks again to your brilliant idea!). This would be a great way to utilize that same fabric for other events! Thank you!

  36. joni Says:

    c’es superbe! je vais le practiquer ca sans doute

  37. Deb D Says:

    Cool idea! It will be fun to try this out for outdoor entertaining.

  38. Sarah @ Thriftydecorchick Says:

    This is fantastic!! I’m doing it — need to use up my saran wrap first. I’ve been looking for the perfect napkin rings.

  39. Allyson Says:

    Wow! Practical, simple, and inexpensive. I’m linking, too. Thanks for sharing.

  40. Mrs. Q Says:

    This is such a cool and frugal idea! Very creative…now all I need is an awesome fabric stash :)

  41. Tif Says:

    I love this idea! Can’t wait for my Saran Wrap to run out so I can make some! :)

  42. Kathy Beymer Says:

    Hi Perrine, yes, thanks for asking. I’d love for you to translate it into French and put it on your site. Merci! :)

  43. perrine Says:

    I really like your how to. I was wondering if I could translate it in French and add it to my list of how to as explained in my french post (
    Of course, your website would be quoted and there would be a link!
    Thank you,

  44. Liz (The Wedding Bistro) Says:

    Nifty idea and fun to do! You can use the tubes from toilet paper and paper towel rolls, too. But, they just won’t be as sturdy.

    Liz :)

  45. claire Says:

    so so cute! i’m totally doing that!

  46. Kate at Centsational Girl Says:

    Oh my, those are lovely. I am bookmarking. Fantastic tutorial. Now I know what I can do with my fabric scraps. You’ve made my day !


  47. Rachel Says:

    I love this idea! The fabric you used is SOOOO pretty with those crisp white napkins. Love that. I’ll be linking.

  48. Kathleen Says:

    Thanks for showing another reason to be a packrat!!!!!! I love it!

  49. Monica Says:

    Cute and affordable! Thanks!

  50. Elena Says:



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