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Start Sewing: What You Need in Your Beginner Sewing Kit

Start Sewing - What You Need in Your Beginner Sewing Kit

The fine ladies at Prudent Baby asked me to do a guest post on what a brand new sewer should have in her beginner sewing kit. And I thought that you might want to read it too.

When you’re starting out as a beginning sewer you really just need the basics and that’s good because my crafting space is city-condo-cramped. Head on over to Prudent Baby to see what I think you should put in your Bare Minimum Beginner Sewing Kit. And do let me know if I forgot anything, will you?

Start Sewing - What You Need in Your Beginner Sewing Kit


Tuesday 12th of January 2016

Where did you get those wooden pieces to hold your bobbins? They're great!

Kathy Beymer

Friday 15th of January 2016

Hi Pre! I found one for you that's wooden: I also see some white ones on Amazon but they look kind of plastic. Thanks for commenting! :D

Anne Jones

Tuesday 19th of June 2012

I believe new sewists need a good container to carry their sewing and notions. Preferably one with a handle on top and a few shelves inside to arrange odds & ends. Make sure the compartments are big enough for scissors and rotary cutters Hopefully our new sewist will be joining a group of like minded people who can assist with an informal introduction to the finer skills of sewing while providing encouragement and companionship. Otherwise join up classes at the Community House or similar to learn the basics of sewing. Hands on is best but if all else fails there are hundreds of books on the subject.

Marietza Jones

Tuesday 19th of June 2012

All new sewers need a good pair of scissors Buy the best you can afford Weigh them in your hand and open and shut them a few times to see how they feel. Do they have good balance or are they too heavy and stiff to open and shut? Once you buy them, hide them away as others will want to use these lovely scissors to cut paper, electricity cords, leather or plastic. These scissors are for cutting cloth ONLY. Make that extremely clear to all who share your home and you will not need to sharpen your scissors too often.

خياطة وتفصيل

Monday 20th of February 2012

Beautiful work thank you

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