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Sewn Wedding Invitation Design and Production
Here are my poppy sewn invitations featured in The Knot Magazine and “Amazing Wedding Cakes” on WeTV and sewn half-flower fabric and paper invitations created for Liesel Hogan.

I provide three levels of service and pricing for invitation design: Design, Assembly, and Full Production.

(1) Design :: I will design three concepts for your wedding invitation. I provide the print-ready electronic file and finished physical invitations samples and instructions for you to assemble and produce yourself.

(2) Assembly :: I will assemble and sew your wedding invitations. You provide the printed invitations and cut fabric pieces according to my directions. I will take those pieces and professionally assemble and sew them into finished invitations.

(3) Full Production :: I will coordinate the printing (laser or letterpress), cut fabric pieces, and assemble into finished invitations.

Due to current order load I’m able to take on *design* services for sewn invitations rather than *assembly or full production* at this time. I will be able to take on partial (assembly and printing of fabric that you cut) or full invitation production in January 2010. Contact me for more information.

Online Wedding RSVP System
Let’s face it. RSVPs are a pain!

They cost a lot. They get lost in the mail. People add in uninvited guests, causing awkward situations. Manually counting yeses and nos and entree choices for your caterer is time consuming and annoying. And you’re often tracking responses for both your wedding and a rehearsal dinner …and sometimes more events like brunches or group activities.

Use our awesome, easy, inexpensive online wedding RSVP system instead!

Shane originally created this RSVP system for our own wedding. Since then, we’ve provided this service to other brides and grooms, enhancing functionality in the process.

Trust me when I say our online RSVP system is easy-to-use and much better than the other ones out there. I’ve been in the interface design field for 15 years now and my specialty is making websites usable and useful. Shane’s been in the technology field for 18 years now. We met at Accenture and now work at specialized technology and web design agencies in Chicago.

Key Features

  • Capture RSVPs for your wedding invitees and their guests, including guest name
  • Ability to RSVP for one or multiple events (e.g., rehearsal dinner and wedding) – and only the people who are invited to that event will see the RSVP for that event
  • View your custom RSVP report online anytime. It automatically counts your total attendees and food choices (e.g., 30 beef, 45 chicken, 18 vegetarian) to give to your caterer. You can also download it to Excel.
  • Entree choices are tracked by individual, making it possible for you to know exactly who ordered what and avoiding people forgetting what they ordered, resulting in, say, too few chicken entrees because people who actually ordered beef forgot and told the server that they got chicken
  • Add a photo and your wedding details such as hotel, etc.

“Shane set up a great website for us. Not only did the aesthetics and style fit well with the themes of our event, but the reservation system took a huge responsibility off our plates, and made us look extremely tech-savvy in the meantime. (Our guests are STILL talking about how impressed they are with it!) There were many options for customizing, which was a huge selling point for us. Plus, the price was unbeatable. We couldn’t recommend it highly enough.” -Michelle and Joe Ziomek

Why use our online reservation system?

Save money!!

  • Save on paper, envelopes and printing/letterpressing for RSVPs for your wedding and rehearsal dinner
  • Save on RSVP postage (from 44cents each to zero!)
  • Avoid additional postage on your wedding invites because they’ll be lighter in the mail than if you added RSVP cards and envelopes

Save time!!

  • Custom downloadable report that you can access day or night
  • Automatic counting of “yeses” and “nos”
  • Automatic counting of entrees by individual guest to send to your caterer
  • Guest name capture – your guests enter the name of their guest so you know who’s coming and can put it on their placecard

Avoid headaches!!

  • No lost RSVPs in the mail
  • Quicker responses back to you
  • No ability for guests to add in their own number of attendees (believe me, it gets really awkward when someone who isn’t supposed bring a guest, or someone who decides to bring all of their kids, writes in their own attendee number onto a paper RSVP response that’s a bigger number than what you planned)
  • Less stress wondering if you should ask people who haven’t yet responded if they’re coming because you’ll be able to see if people have viewed the RSVP and not yet responded to it, or if they haven’t viewed it at all

Look professional!

  • You can tell by looking at that appearance is very important. Our RSVP system looks prettier and more professional than others.
  • Customize by adding a photo and your wedding details such as hotel, etc.
  • Because you know each individual’s chosen entree (rather than the Jones Family gets two chicken, one fish and one beef), you can code your placecards so that servers will automatically know who ordered what and can serve guests their meal without interrupting conversations to ask “who ordered what?”

Fun for your guests!

  • Online responses are easier for your guests
  • Guests can RSVP in one swoop for all your wedding activities!

Pricing is very reasonable and based on your number of invitations.

Our online wedding RSVP system is really amazing. You’ll love it and the piece of mind it gives you. Contact me for more information.

Craft Classes & Parties for Adults or Kids
Want a new alternative for baby shower activities, birthdays, wedding shower games and bachelorette parties? Book a private crafting class for your next party. I’ll work with you to select a special craft for your event. Contact me to get started.

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